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Anchylosis (ankylosis; Greek ankylos – curved, curve + Greek slovoobraz. a suffix - Usis diseases of noninflammatory character) – the lack of mobility in a joint caused by an inflammation, degenerative processes, injuries or created by surgical intervention is artificial.


  • The anchylosis of extraarticular (ankylosis extraarticularis) – is caused by an extraarticular bone crossing point between the bones forming a joint;
  • The anchylosis of intra joint (ankylosis intraarticularis) – is caused by an union of the jointed joint surfaces among themselves;
  • Anchylosis bone (ankylosis ossea) – the intra joint anchylosis which is characterized by disappearance of a crack of a joint on the roentgenogram; it is caused by a bone union of the jointed joint surfaces;
  • The false ankylosis (ankylosis fibrosa) – is caused by cicatricial commissures between the jointed joint surfaces.
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