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Azoospermism (azoospermia; and - – otritsa. Greek zoon – the living being + is frequent + sperma – a seed, sperm) – absence in sperm of spermatozoa.


  • Azoospermism false (azoospermia spuria) – an azoospermism which is caused by disturbance of passability of deferent ducts because of an urethritis, an epididymite, a spermatocystitis or prostatitis;
  • Azoospermism true (azoospermia vera) – an azoospermism which is caused by disturbance of formation of spermatozoa, for example, connected with a hypoplasia of testicles;
  • Azoospermism beam (azoospermia radialis) – a true azoospermism which is caused by the degenerative changes of a spermatogenic epithelium connected with impact of ionizing radiation.
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