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Herpetic esophagitis


The herpetic esophagitis is an inflammation of a gullet of a herpetic etiology. Damages of a gullet viruses of a herpes simplex or shingles meet infrequently and usually proceed at simultaneous defeat of various sites of skin and mucous membranes.

Symptoms of the Herpetic esophagitis:

Symptoms of a herpetic esophagitis are similar to signs of a banal endoesophagitis and are followed by symptoms of the systemic herpes infection (the sudden beginning, a fever, fever, sometimes spasms). In 24 — 48 h expressiveness of these phenomena considerably decreases or they completely disappear. In exchange there are local signs of herpetic defeats on skin, a mucous membrane of a throat and a gullet. The last on clinical manifestations dominate — pain when passing a food lump on a gullet, a dysphagy, sometimes an eructation slime with blood impurity.
The diagnosis is established on existence of herpetic damages of skin, mucous membrane of a throat and at a fibroezofagoskopiya. Herpetic damages of a mucous membrane of a gullet are shown in the form of the vesicles with scalloped edges possessing a tendency to merge, filled with serous liquid of yellowish color. Vesicles are replaced with ulcers which bottom is covered with a yellowish false and filmy plaque. These damages of a mucous membrane of a gullet are similar to those which arise on a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and a throat that promotes diagnosis of an influenzal esophagitis. Herpetic rashes on a mucous membrane of a gullet can repeat with the small intervals which are gradually increasing, and the number of rashes at the same time decreases.

The forecast concerning emergence of strictures of a gullet is favorable. Only at secondary infection that happens seldom, is possible emergence of a piogenic esophagitis.

Герпетический эзофагит при фиброэзофагоскопии

Herpetic esophagitis at a fibroezofagoskopiya

Reasons of the Herpetic esophagitis:

The virus of a herpes simplex of type 1 occasionally causes an esophagitis in people with normal immunity. However usually herpetic esophagitis arises at  the weakened immunity; as its activator serves  the virus of a herpes simplex of type 1 or  a virus of a herpes simplex of type 2.

Treatment of the Herpetic esophagitis:

Treatment of a herpetic esophagitis — the general antiviral anti-herpetic, but in most cases takes place an influenzal esophagitis independently. Locally — the same actions, as at an endoesophagitis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Herpetic esophagitis:

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