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Release form: Firm dosage forms. Tablets.

Indications to use: Peptic ulcer of 12 perstny guts. Hyper secretory gastritis.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active agents: bismuth subnitrate of 350 mg; magnesium carbonate of 400 mg; Natrii hydrocarbonas of 200 mg; buckthorns bark in powder of 25 mg; a rhizome acorus in powder of 25 mg; kelline of 5 mg; Rutinum (rutoside) of 5 mg;

Excipients: potato starch — 65 mg; talc — 20 mg; stearic acid — 5 mg.

Pharmacological properties:

The combined drug, renders the knitting, antiacid, laxative and spasmolytic action.
Magnesium the carbonate and Natrii hydrocarbonas reduce acidity of a gastric juice, reduce activity of pepsin.
Bismuth nitrate forms a protective film on a mucous membrane of a stomach, having antiinflammatory, bactericidal, reparative effect.
The acorus and kelline which are a part have spasmolytic effect, a buckthorn - laxative.

Indications to use:

peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum;
— hyperacid gastritis.

Route of administration and doses:

Inside, in 0.5-1 h after food, about 1/2 glasses of warm water, on 1-2 tablets (it is reasonable to crush previously) 3 times/days within 1-3 months. After a break in 1 month if necessary treatment can be continued.

Features of use:

During treatment by drug of kcal it is painted in dark green or black color.

Side effects:

Diarrhea. Allergic reactions.

Interaction with other medicines:

It is not described.


— hypersensitivity;
gipoatsidny gastritis;
renal failure.

Use at renal failures
It is contraindicated at a renal failure.


It is not described.

Storage conditions:

In the dry, protected from light place, at a temperature not above 25 °C. To store in the place, unavailable to children.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


Tablets: 10, 50 or 100 pieces.

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