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Arawa (лефлуномид) – the medicine from group of immunodepressants used in therapy of a pseudorheumatism and psoriasis.

Structure and form of release Arawa

Таблетки Арава 20 мгArawa – tablets, coated, on 10, 20 and 100 mg.

1 tablet of Arawa consists of a leflunomid (10, 20 and 100 mg of active agent) and auxiliary components (lactose monohydrate, starch corn, povidone, silicon dioxide colloid, magnesium stearate, кросповидон).

The cover of a tablet of Arawa contains a gipromelloza, a macrogoal, titanium dioxide and talc.

Pharmacological effect of drug Arawa

Medicine belongs to basic antirheumatic means and possesses anti-proliferative (interferes with excess formation of various cells), immunomodulatory, immunosuppressive (immunity oppresses) and antiinflammatory action. As proliferation of lymphocytes is one of basic stages of development of a pseudorheumatism, the drug Arawa is one of the main for treatment of this disease.

Arawa slows down progressing of damages of joints (at an active form of a pseudorheumatism) and reduces expressiveness of symptoms.

Pill Arawa can be taken together with food. The maximum concentration of drug is defined in 1-24 hours after reception of one dose. The crowd is brought with excrements and urine. A drug elimination half-life very long (up to 2 weeks). At the patients who are on a hemodialysis, medicine removal more bystry (that is connected with its replacement from communication with proteins).

Researches on drug pharmacokinetics Arawa at patients with the phenomena of a liver failure and at persons under 18 were not conducted.

Indications to use Arawa

  • Basic therapy of an active form of a pseudorheumatism (for reduction of symptoms of a disease and an arrest of development of injuries of joints);
  • Psoriasis arthritis (active form).

Contraindications to drug use Arawa

Hypersensitivity to any of components, heavy abnormal liver functions, heavy renal failures, anemias, leukopenias and thrombocytopenia of the expressed degree (which resulted from other reasons), an immunodeficiency (for example, HIV), heavy generalized infections, pregnancy and a lactation.

The drug Arawa is also contraindicated to patients with a heavy hypoproteinemia (a reduced serum protein).

The men receiving Arawa have to be informed about its negative by impact on a spermatogenesis. Also they have to be warned about need of use of well-tried remedies of contraception (toxic action on an embryogenesis because of possible influence of drug on the father's spermatozoa).

According to the instruction Arawa is contraindicated to persons under 18, because of insufficient clinical trials.

Use of drug during pregnancy and a lactation

Before an initiation of treatment drug Arawa at women of childbearing age it is necessary to exclude pregnancy (especially if the woman does not use a well-tried remedy of contraception). Patients need to be informed on toxic impact of this medicine on fetation.

According to the instruction of Arawa a breast its use as researches on animals showed that this drug and its metabolites get to breast milk is contraindicated to women during feeding.

Route of administration and doses of drug Arawa

Таблетки Арава 100 мгTreatment by this medicine has to be carried out under observation of the doctor who has experience of its use at patients with rheumatic arthritis.

According to the instruction of Arawa therapy is begun with single use of a shock dose (100 mg) for 3 days. Then the maintenance dose of drug – is appointed at a pseudorheumatism of 10-20 mg once a day, at psoriasis arthritis of 20 mg a day. The medical effect of Arawa is noted in 4-6 weeks and increases in the next 4-6 months.

Pill Arawa is taken inside, it is necessary to wash down them with enough liquid. Meal according to Arawa does not exert impact on absorbability of drug.

Side effect

From warmly vascular system can be noted: increase in arterial pressure, vasculitis.

From digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, oral cavity diseases (stomatitis, ulceration of lips), abdominal pains. In rare instances jaundice, a cholestasia and hepatitis can take place. Extremely seldom (less than 0,01%) development of a liver failure, an acute necrosis of a liver, pancreatitis was noted.

Increase in transaminases can laboratory be noted (ALT, nuclear heating plant), there can be an increase in level gamma глутамилтранспептидазы and an alkaline phosphatase less often.

From a nervous system the headache, dizziness, paresthesias, taste disturbance, concern can be noted. In rare instances peripheral neuropathy.

From a musculoskeletal system developing of a tendovaginitis (an inflammation of sinews) can take place.

According to the instruction Arawa can cause allergic reactions (usually it is rash, an itch, urticaria). Very seldom anaphylactic reactions.

Except listed administration of drug Arawa can cause a hair loss, eczema, a xeroderma.

Judging by reviews of Arawa development of heavy infections (less than 0,01%), including sepsis is seldom or never possible.

Side effects from system of a hemopoiesis can be the following: anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia. Very seldom Arawa causes an agranulocytosis (less than 0,01%).

At men from a reproductive system reduction of total quantity of spermatozoa in sperm and reduction of their mobility is possible.

Drug overdose Arawa

Patients who received the dose of this medicine by 5 times exceeding the recommended standard daily rate have messages on chronic overdose.

According to reviews Arawa in most cases of overdose does not cause any undesirable effects. In some cases there can be abdominal pains, diarrhea, anemia, a leukopenia.

For treatment of a condition of overdose by Arawa enterosorbents, for acceleration of removal of drug from an organism are appointed.

Interaction Arawa with other medicines

In case of purpose of drug after the recent use of gepatotoksichny means (including alcohol) strengthening of by-effects can take place.

Arawa it is possible to use drug together with a methotrexate, however their combination can cause hepatotoxic effect.

Enterosorbents (absorbent carbon) promote more bystry removal of medicine from an organism.

It is possible to apply NPVS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and glucocorticoids together with Arawa as any interaction between them is noted.

It is not recommended to use this drug together with fenitony, warfarin and Tolbutamidum.

Special instructions

The drug Arawa can be appointed by the specialist only after careful medical examination.

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