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ASD 2 – medicine from group of immunomodulators. For the first time this drug was made by A. V Dorogov. Active ingredient he got from an organism of river frogs when heating them in the special device. Initially this medical supply was developed as a wound healing, antiseptic agent. It was used for neutralization of a negative impact of radiation exposure on a human body.АСД 2 - препарат-иммуномодулятор

Reviews of ASD 2 and the made experiments showed efficiency of this medicine not only at radiation exposure. Positive responses gave an impetus to carrying out new experiments. The most part of researches was conducted on animals therefore now there is a wealth of experience on use of this medicine in veterinary science. Officially it was authorized to use ASD 2 fraction at first only for treatment of animals. Experiments in the field of use of drug at people were suspended because of death of the chief developer of medicine. However efficiency of this medicine at treatment of various serious conditions resulted in popularity and growth of interest in this drug as to effective remedy at many diseases at people. So, wide popularity was received by Dorogov's candles with ASD 2 fraction - the list of diseases at which they have medical effect, is very impressive.

Structure and pharmacological action of ASD 2

ASD 2 fraction represents the sterile solution with a specific smell which is well mixing up with water. As a part of drug there are carboxylic acids, cyclic acids derivative of amides and aliphatic amines, connections with sulphhydryl group and water.

Now the given product is received by thermal decomposition of various materials of animal origin – bone and meat waste, meat and bone meal. At decomposition nucleic acids of materials are split to low-molecular structures and, freely getting into the damaged fabrics, achieve necessary result.

The basis of means is made by adaptogens – substances which are emitted from a cell before her death. Adaptogens help the damaged cell to fight for survival. At hit adaptogens transfer in the chemical way information on need of fight for existence to human body cells. The positive take of treatment is achieved due to mobilization of all protective forces of an organism.

At oral administration the medicine of ASD2 stirs up activity central and the autonomic nervous system, stimulates secretory activity of digestive glands, increases activity of fabric and digestive enzymes, normalizes digestion processes, improves penetration of potassium ions and sodium through membranes of cells.

In some reviews of ASD 2 it is said that this drug stimulates motor function of a digestive tract and increases natural resistance of a human body and an animal.

At external use this medicine has the expressed antiseptic and antiinflammatory action, accelerates regeneration and normalizes a trophicity of fabrics.

Indications to use of ASD 2

In many reviews of ASD 2 it is said that use of this drug is effective at diseases of eyes, catarrhal diseases of various origin, gynecologic diseases (the milkwoman, trichomoniasis, dryness of a vagina), at skin diseases (persistent psoriasis, trophic ulcers), at prostatitis, and also at gastritis, colitis, stomach ulcer, a duodenum ulcer. This drug at diseases of kidneys, an urine incontience, oncological diseases is effective, an idiopathic hypertensia, diseases of a pancreas, liver.Лекарственная форма фракции АСД 2 - стерильный раствор

Drug can be used for prevention of flu, pneumonia, ORZ. Especially effectively this medicine at the beginning of display of a disease.

The instruction to use

There is a standard option of administration of drug of ASD 2 though for separate diseases there are already developments with some features.

It is necessary to accept inside a medicine only in the diluted look. Every five-six days reception it is necessary to do a break for two-three days. ASD 2, according to the instruction of some physicians and healers, should be accepted twice a day before food. However creator of drug A.V. Dorogov considered that this product can work in a human body about six hours. According to its instruction, ASD 2 it is necessary to accept four times a day before food. Combined use of ASD 2 with alcohol is forbidden.

In an initiation of treatment this medicine is accepted for five days, then for three days do a break, and after a break the course is repeated. Duration of a course of treatment depends on weight of a disease.

At external use of ASD 2 (for syringing, enemas, washings of wounds) need to be parted (cultivation from 1 to 20%). This drug can be used for preparation of ointments.

Side effect of ASD 2

In an initial stage of reception of ASD 2 nausea, dizziness and other unpleasant feelings can develop. In this case it is necessary to interrupt a course of treatment immediately.

The medical effect of drug depends on specific features of a human body. Some people in two-three weeks of reception of a medicine feel inflow of forces and ease. But happens and so that prolonged use of a medicine does not yield any positive takes.

Whether you know that:

Blood of the person "runs" on vessels under huge pressure and at disturbance of their integrity is capable to shoot of distance to 10 meters.