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Pharmacological action

Atoksil is an enterosorbent of new generation with the expressed absorbing properties. Drug shows antimicrobic, disintoxication and wound healing action. Active ingredient is silicon dioxide.

Atoksil absorbs from digestive tract and brings out of an organism toxic substances of various origin, including the microbic endotoxins, bacterial and food-borne allergens and other toxic products which are formed in intestines. Atoksil's use promotes transportation from fabrics, a lymph and blood in a digestive tract of toxic substances with their subsequent removal from an organism.

Atoksil has no effect of the return sorption, and ability of parts of powder to be attached at the same time to several cells allows to agglutinate (to stick together and remove in a deposit) all bacterial array.

Indications to Atoksil's use

Drug is appointed in the following cases:

  • therapy of acute intestinal diseases of which diarrhea is characteristic (salmonellosis, food toxicoinfections);
  • complex therapy of a viral hepatitis And yes In;
  • allergic diseases (atopic dermatitis, diathesis);
  • food poisonings, including alcoholic poisonings and mushrooms;
  • outwardly for treatment of purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, burns;
  • as disintoxication means at coloenterites, cirrhosis, toxic hepatitis, a gepatokholetsistita, diseases of the kidneys which are followed by a chronic renal failure;
  • Очень эффективен Атоксил - при отравленияхas disintoxication cure for intoxications accompanying is purulent - septic processes and a burn disease, at alcoholic and narcotic intoxication, and also skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, neurodermatitises).

Application instruction of Atoksil

This drug is produced in the form of powder for suspension preparation.

Before Atoksil's use with powder it is necessary to add drinking water to a bottle (to a mark of 250 ml) and to shake up carefully. Suspension of 1 ml corresponds to 50 mg of Atoksil. Bags sachets are used as follows: in 100-150 ml of drinking water dissolve contents of 1-2 bags.

According to the instruction, Atoksil in the form of the prepared suspension it is necessary to accept in 1 hour prior to food or reception of other medicines. The daily dose is usually distributed on 3-4 receptions. To adults and children 7 years are more senior recommend to accept 12 g of drug a day, however in case of need this quantity can be doubled. A daily dose of Atoksil for children expect by multiplication 150-200 mg the child's weight. It is necessary to consider that at one time the number of the applied Atoksil for children should not exceed a half of a daily dose.

At treatment this drug of a viral hepatitis and acute intestinal diseases recommends to begin with the maximum single dose which corresponds to 7-10 g, 2-3 times a day. Duration of treatment of acute intestinal infections by Atoksil usually does not exceed 5 days. At diseases of a severe form the course of therapy can be prolonged up to 15 days. At treatment of a viral hepatitis this drug is used within 7-10 days.

If independent use of Atoksil is impossible, suspension is entered into a stomach by means of the probe.

Outside use of drug assumes preliminary clarification of a wound and putting powder on it a layer to 5 mm. The wound processed by Atoksil should be closed a dry aseptic bandage.

External use of drug is recommended to be carried out every other day before full clarification of a wound.

Side effects

According to the instruction, Atoksil is well had, however in certain cases there is a probability of emergence of locks. Manifestation of any undesirable reaction of an organism to use of drug demands obligatory consultation from the doctor.

Contraindications to Atoksil's use

In the instruction to Atoksil diseases at which this drug is not appointed are specified:

  • peptic ulcer of a duodenum and stomach (aggravation);
  • ulcers and erosion of a mucous membrane of departments of intestines;
  • intestinal impassability.

Atoksil's use is forbidden to children 1 years and to persons with hypersensitivity to silicon dioxide are younger. The drug contraindication to pregnant women and the nursing women is connected with lack of data on safety its use by these categories of patients.

Additional information

According to the instruction, Atoksil in the form of powder it is necessary to store in the dry place at a temperature corresponding 15-250C.

Drug in the form of the prepared suspension needs to be stored in densely closed bottle in the cool place (8-150C) no more than 32 hours.

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