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Porencephalia — existence in a head brain of the cavities containing liquid. The last can be both single, and multiple, are more often symmetrized and are connected with ventricular system. The bubble basis usually reaches a surface of big hemispheres.

The convolutions of the brain surrounding a cavity go to it radially, in them a number of degenerative changes (reduction of quantity and size of nervous cells, their wrong arrangement) is observed.

Porencephalia symptoms:

In the presence of big cavities children perish in the first days or months of life. At patients with a single small porencephalia the delay of psychophysical development is observed, epileptic seizures, paresis and paralyzes are possible.

The true (inborn) porencephalia needs to be differentiated with a pseudoporencephalia (symptomatic porencephalias) when after the postponed inflammatory, traumatic and other diseases in a brain cysts are formed.

Unlike a true porencephalia at the same time normal development of the child prior to the beginning of a basic disease is observed.

Порэнцефалия на МРТ

Porencephalia on MRT

Treatment of a porencephalia:

Effective treatment does not exist.

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