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Enuresis — the disease which is characterized by an urine incontience during sleep is in most cases observed at children. Enuresis can be caused by various reasons. The disease was described still by Avicenna in the book "Canon of Medical Science", and already then Avicenna pointed that the urination quite often occurs during a deep sleep.

Enuresis symptoms:

The night and day incontience of urine is observed. Aged up to five years about 14% of children suffer from an incontience of urine. If normal the urination at children has to be adjusted up to four-five years, then problems remain with some also on achievement of five-year age by them. And someone carries away this disease in adulthood.
It is clear, that maturing, the child suffering from an urine incontience begins to feel defective, and this feeling very much oppresses him. Of course, being afraid of sneers, he cannot as other children spend the night at the friend, to go to rest to the camp or to go hiking with spending the night. And constant dejectedness can aggravate a disease even stronger.

Enuresis reasons:

Most of researchers assigns an important part to vegetative  disturbances in genesis of enuresis. According to A. M. Vane, enuresis belongs to vegetative parasomniya. A part in developing of enuresis is played by neurosis. It is considered that the psychoinjuring situation causes disorder  of normal activity of bark of big cerebral hemispheres. Quite often this dysfunction is expressed not really brightly in this connection at such patients alternation of "dry" and "wet" nights is characteristic. Many authors point to hereditary  genesis of a disease. So, S. P. Petrovsky considers that it "a recessive monohybrid hereditary disease" which cornerstone anomalies of development of an innervation of a bladder are. The important factor promoting developing of enuresis, some researchers consider dysfunction of secretion of biologically active agents influencing a bladder (serotonin, a histamine, простоглюцин, and most important — vasopressin).

Treatment of Enuresis:

Treatment of enuresis represents rather complex problem demanding an integrated approach which has to be directed to development and recovery of the lost reflex on awakening at a desire on an urination, on stimulation of exchange processes in nervous tissue and acceleration of maturing of floors of regulation of an urination and on correction of the neurotic frustration arising during a disease. Different types of treatment, including physical methods are used.

Sometimes to patients the technician is recommended to adhere different special. For example, to urinate in certain hours (for example, each 2 hours); avoiding of caffeine and other products and liquid which possess diuretic action; relaxation of muscles and patience.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Enuresis:

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