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Syndrome "painful legs (hands) - moving fingers"


This syndrome arises at defeat of roots, peripheral nerves, a plexopathy or a polyneuropathy.

Syndrome symptoms "painful legs (hands) - moving fingers":

It is characterized by a combination of pain which often has lines of a kauzalgiya, to peculiar slow atetoidny movements of fingers in the form of a difficult poslndovatelnost of bending - extension, assignment - reduction.

Similar frustration with preferential involvement of hands - "a painful hand (brush) - moving fingers" is described.

The Syndrome reasons "painful legs (hands) - moving fingers":

Can be its reasons:

- defeat of a brachial plexus (for example, at an injury, operation, rough manipulation on cervical department of a backbone, a beam plexopathy); - tunnel syndromes; - compression damage of peripheral nerves, etc.

Строение нервной рефлекторной дуги

Structure of a nervous reflex arc

Treatment of the Syndrome "painful legs (hands) - moving fingers":

Improvement is reached at treatment of primary defeat of peripheral nerves and stopping of a pain syndrome. Blockade of regional sympathetic nodes, benzodiazepines, Baclofenum, carbamazepine, Phenytoinum (dipheninum), tricyclic  antidepressants, a calcitonin, dofaminergichesky means or neuroleptics are sometimes effective.

Physiotherapeutic procedures, including transdermal electrostimulation of nerves and vibrostimulation are applied.

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