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Opthalmorrhesis - the getting wound caused by a stupid injury of an eye.

Symptoms of the Opthalmorrhesis:

• Sharply reduced visual acuity
• Intensive subconjunctival hemorrhage and hypostasis
• Abnormally deep anterior chamber of an eye
A hyphema (sometimes with clots)
• Limited extraocular mobility
• An exit outside of intraocular contents
• Gaps on all thickness of a sclera or cornea (it indicates the getting wound)
• Ponizhennny intraocular pressure (can sometimes be normal or raised)
• Pupil of irregular shape
• Iridodialysis/cyclodialysis
• Crystalline lens incomplete dislocation
• Commotio retinae

— Gray-white coloring of a retina

• Rupture of a choroid of an eye
• Traumatic injury of an optic nerve

Reasons of the Opthalmorrhesis:

The eyeglobe is broken off in the weakest point which can be not on site influences.

• Falling, injuries
• Sports injuries (for example, hit in an eye an elbow, a ball, etc.)
• The indirect injuries connected with concussion (for example, from explosions)
• Accidental or intentionally the caused injuries sharp objects
• Injuries the flying objects (on production, firearms, etc.)

Treatment of the Opthalmorrhesis:

• Emergency ophthalmologic consultation
• Bed rest
• Not to give drink, is
• To enter antiemetics at nausea/vomiting

— Compazinum
— Droperidolum

• Prevention of tetanus
• To enter antibiotics with the preventive purpose

— Cephalosporin of the first generation with aminoglycoside

• Not to apply сукцинилхолин if the bystry consecutive intubation is required (intraocular pressure increases)


• Gentamycin: 1 mg/kg (in pediatrics: 2 - 2,5 mg/kg) in each 8 hours
• Droperidolum: 2,5 mg (in pediatrics: 0,05 - 0,06 mg/kg / dose) each 6 - 8 hours
• Prochlorperazine (Compazinum): 5 - 10 mg in/in or in oil (in pediatrics: 0,13 mg/kg / dose in oil)
• Cefazolin (анцеф): 1 g (in pediatrics: 25 - 50 mg/kg / 24 hour) in each 6 - 8 hours in/in or in oil

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Opthalmorrhesis:

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