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Stratification of a retina


Stratification of a retina (synonym: ретиношизис) is a disease at which there is a retina of an eye it is stratified.
It is known that 10 layers are a part of a mesh cover of an eye, thanks to existence of all words good sight is provided. Stratification arises at accumulation between liquid retina layers, this process leads to disturbance of normal functioning of a retina.

Гистологическое строение сетчатки

Histologic structure of a retina

Symptoms of Stratification of a retina:

Stratification of a retina is shown by disturbances of peripheral sight (loss of sites of sight) in zones of an arrangement of a retinoshizis. If the retina is injured considerably, patients worse see in twilight and in the dark. At distribution of stratification of a retina on the central region, the sight loss similar to that is possible full and irrevocable that arises at retina amotio.
Stratification of a retina is dangerous by complications: a gap and amotio of a retina, a hemophthalmia (hemorrhages in a cavity of eyes).

Reasons of Stratification of a retina:

There are two types of stratification of a retina:

1. inborn or H-linked;
2. degenerative (or senile).

Inborn stratification of a retina or linked to a floor belongs to hereditary diseases. The gene linked to sexual X-chromosome is the reason of this pathology. The disease is shown only at boys, girls are only carriers. Inborn stratification of a retina is extremely rare disease and time on 15 thousand cases meets.

Degenerative stratification of a retina is an age pathology which arises, as a rule, at people 40 years are more senior. Dystrophic changes in a type of cysts are the main reason for emergence of senile stratification of a retina. Cysts develop because of local disturbance of blood circulation.

Treatment of Stratification of a retina:

At the begun process of stratification of a retina constant control behind sight and a condition of an eyeground is necessary.
Stratification very long can remain stable. In case of progressing (deterioration in sight, distribution of stratification on the central region) the retina lazerkoagulyation for the purpose of prevention is shown. In the presence of stratifications in the central region operation of sealing of a retina by a silicone seal from the subsequent lazerkoagulyatsiy retina is shown.

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