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Pigmental retinitis


Pigmental retinitis (more precisely, pigmental dystrophy of a retina as there is no inflammation at this disease) among the hereditary diseases of a retina of an eye leading to a blindness, now - the eurysynusic disease occupying one of the leading places by the number of patients. Inborn defect of a genetic code is the cornerstone of a disease. Originally only sticks suffer, but then also flasks are damaged. Researches of geneticists allowed scientists to reveal the genes responsible for emergence of various forms of pigmental dystrophy of a retina. Symptoms of a disease differ depending on its duration and a form. The pigmental retinitis leads to a blindness and disability on sight.

Symptoms of the Pigmental retinitis:

The most general and early symptoms of a disease are considerable deterioration in sight at night and in badly lit rooms, a so-called "night blindness" (hemeralopia - "night blindness") and the progressing changes of a peripheral field of vision.

Disturbance of dark adaptation is the first symptom and arises usually several years prior to the changes in a retina determined by the ophthalmologist. Decrease in dark adaptation, especially at early stages of a disease, demands a careful research.

Reasons of the Pigmental retinitis:

Inheritance can be linked to a floor (to be transferred from mother to the son with X-chromosome), autosomal and recessive (genes of a disease are transferred  from both parents) or autosomal and dominant (the pathological gene is transferred from one of parents). As X-chromosome is involved most often, men are ill more often than women.

Treatment of the Pigmental retinitis:

Effective methods of treatment of a pigmental retinitis do not exist now. The stimulating procedures – electro-are appointed and magnetostimulation on purpose "to hype up" a sore retina. In some cases surgical interventions help.  Regular reception of antioxidants – vitamin A and drugs of bilberry of antotsianozid - slows down progressing of a disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pigmental retinitis:

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