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Vail-Marchezani's syndrome


Vail-Marchezani's syndrome - disturbance of provision of a spherical crystalline lens in combination with brakhimorfichesky changes.

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Vail-Marchezani:

From a crystalline lens often there is a spherophakia and a mikrofakiya. The iridodonesis - trembling of an iris of the eye of an eye is noted during the movement of a pupil and a crystalline lens incomplete dislocation from top to bottom. Fibers of tsinnovy sheaves are extended, with pigmental deposits.

Complications of a syndrome of Vail-Marchezani: a complete dislocation of a crystalline lens in an anterior chamber with development of secondary glaucoma.

Differential diagnosis of a syndrome of Vail-Marchezani: with other forms of a sublyuksation of a crystalline lens.

Вывих хрусталика - одно из проявление синдрома Ваиль-Марчезани

Crystalline lens dislocation - one of manifestation of a syndrome of Vail-Marchezani

Reasons of the Syndrome of Vail-Marchezani:

This syndrome has the polyetiological nature.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Vail-Marchezani:

The symptomatic treatment is carried out.

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