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Lung heart attack


The heart attack of a lung is very terrible disease, in hard cases capable to lead to instant death. It meets not and is rare, and therefore it is important to know its signs in case of need to take the person to hospital. The heart attack of a lung is the disease developing as a result of obstruction of the vessels feeding lungs with blood clot. At the same time blood clot can be formed as directly in vessels of light (fibrinferments), and in other vessels and even in heart. If blood clot comes off, it can cork an artery gleam in a lung. This process is called an embolism.

Lung Heart attack symptoms:

Displays of a disease and their weight are defined by the size, an arrangement and number of the vessels closed by blood clots, and also associated diseases of lungs and hearts.

The most frequent symptoms of a heart attack of a lung:

    * suddenly arisen or sharply amplified asthma,
    * cough with a mucous or bloody phlegm,
    * sharp stethalgia,
    * pallor of skin quite often with an ashy shade,
    * posineniye of lips, nose, finger-tips
    * disturbances of a heart rhythm (increase of pulse, emergence of a ciliary arrhythmia),
    * lowering of arterial pressure,
    * fervescence.

Most often the condition of the person very bad, and in hard cases he dies almost instantly.

Lung Heart attack reasons:

Surgical interventions, the puerperal period, disturbances of cardiac performance, in particular arrhythmia, fractures of bones, malignant tumors, a long bed rest contribute to development of a disease. Closing of a gleam of a vessel with blood clot leads to increase in pulmonary pressure and promotes hemorrhage in pulmonary fabric. Then bacteria therefore the inflammation develops can get into an affected area.

Treatment of the Heart attack of a lung:

In case of suspicion of a heart attack of the easy person it is necessary to take to hospital as soon as possible. There to it will make a x-ray film of a thorax, it is possible with a prokrashivaniye of vessels a special contrast agent. Besides, in diagnosis the ECG is important.

Apply to treatment of a heart attack of a lung fibrinolitic (dissolving blood clot) means, and also the means improving properties of blood that the damaged site ate as it is possible better. After the danger to life passed, use antibiotics and other remedies for pneumonia.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Heart attack of a lung:

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