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Periostitis — a periosteum inflammation; in relation to a jaw the periostitis is often called gumboil and it is expressed in swelling of the gingiva which is followed by severe pain.

Symptoms Periostitis:

The disease begins with small swelling of a gingiva. Later puffiness increases and together with it also pain increases. Abscess which is the reason of hypostasis of a cheek and lips is in a day or two formed. If the disease proceeds in an upper jaw — puffiness is observed on infraorbital area if the periostitis in a mandible, then swells submaxillary area. Temperature at the same time rises (around 38 °C), and pain extends in an ear, an eye, temporal area. During a disease there can sometimes be a fistular course through which pus will come to light. Danger of such development of a periostitis is that inflammatory process abates, but the probability of development of a chronic form of a disease increases. If not to stop an infection, it can extend to the next fabrics and cause complications in the form of osteomyelitis and abscesses.

Одонтогенный острый гнойный периостит челюстей

Dontogenous acute purulent periostitis of jaws

Reasons Periostitis:

Because of inflammatory diseases of teeth, such as periodontitis and a pulpitis, there can be a jaw periostitis. Less often the disease arises after open maxillary changes and wounds of soft tissues. Also the inflammation of a periosteum can be shown as a result of hit of an infection through circulatory and lymphatic systems from the infected bodies.

Treatment Periostitis:

Treat a periostitis by two methods: conservative and operational. Use of this or that type of treatment depends on severity of a disease and on process of its course. At inflammatory processes an operative measure approaches more — the doctor does a section, disinfects the struck place and establishes a drainage in order that there was a pus. If the painful tooth was the reason of a periostitis, then often it is deleted.

At conservative treatment medicines from group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, to lornoksika use. It is shown that treatment using a lornoksikam accelerates regress of an inflammation and approach of a stage of recovery. The greatest efficiency of this drug is noted in group of patients of advanced and senile age.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment the Periostitis:

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    Tsifran SR.

    Antimicrobic means.

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