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Actinomycosis (radiant and fungal disease) — the system infection inclined to a sluggish, chronic current; the actinomycosis is characterized by development of granulomas (actinomycomas), fistulas and abscesses.

Actinomycosis symptoms:

    *  A cervical and front form of an actinomycosis — result of distribution of the activator to hypodermic cellulose from the chronic centers of an infection in an oral cavity and a drink. Frequent localization — a mandible corner, a neck. There are deep painless consolidations which abscess, form fistulas. Also lymph nodes and sialadens are surprised. The current is chronic recurrent. Fever, signs of a local inflammation are characteristic. Complications — an inflammation of covers of a brain
    * The thoracic form of an actinomycosis develops at inhalation of activators or at their distribution from the centers on a neck and in a gullet. Lungs, a pleura, edges, a mediastinum, radical lymph nodes, heart, large vessels are surprised. Fever, cough, fistulas, loss of body weight, night sweats are characteristic
    * The abdominal form of an actinomycosis usually develops against the background of inflammatory processes of abdominal organs (for example, appendicitis, diverticulites). The pelvic actinomycosis can develop at use of an intrauterine spiral. Fistulas form; development of abscesses of a liver is possible
    * A generalized form of an actinomycosis — (whistle) for damage of skin, a brain, a liver, a bud (abscesses).

Actinomycosis reasons:

Actinomycosis activators — the branching bacteria actinomycetes. The person has actinomycetes and to norm inhabit an oral cavity and digestive tract.

The major contributing factor of emergence of an actinomycosis — the decrease in body resistance caused by associated diseases (tuberculosis, a diabetes mellitus), pregnancy.

Oral cavity injuries, periodontitis contribute to an actinomycosis; more rare an actinomycosis happens complications of surgeries, wounds of intestines or ulcers of a duodenum, etc.

The accompanying microflora capable to considerably aggravate weight of defeats has special value.

Treatment of the Actinomycosis:

    *  Antibiotics — benzylpenicillin (sodium salt) of not less than 12 million PIECES/days in/in during 2 weeks, then phenoxymethylpenicillin on 1 g 4 р / days or tetracycline on 500 mg inside each 6 hours
    * Opening and drainage of suppurative focuses.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Actinomycosis:

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