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The bronchadenitis is a disease of lymph nodes of a root of lungs and a mediastinum. At this form of primary tuberculosis in inflammatory process intrathoracic lymph nodes are pulled preferential in. As the independent form of a disease a bronchadenitis happens a tubercular etiology.

On an anatomic structure the limfozhelezisty system of a lung is regional to limfososudisty system of a lung while lung root lymph nodes — as if the collector collecting a lymph. When forming tuberculosis in a lung lymph nodes of a root answer it with inflammatory process. At the same time in lymph nodes of a mediastinum and root of a lung abnormal processes are capable to arise independently from a disease in lungs.

Bronchadenitis reasons:

Causative agents of tuberculosis are mycobacteria — acid resisting bacteria from the sort Mycobacterium. Tuberculosis at people preferential arises at infection human and bull types of the activator. Allocation of M. bovis is observed generally at inhabitants of rural areas who have a way of transmission of infection generally alimentary. Also bird's tuberculosis which is found more at immunodeficient carriers is known.

In the bodies affected with tuberculosis (lungs, skin, bones, lymph nodes, kidneys, intestines, etc.) the specific "cold" tubercular inflammation which has mainly granulematozny character and leads to development of multiple hillocks with bent to disintegration forms

Bronchadenitis symptoms:

The tubercular bronchadenitis, usually, begins with intoxication, with clinical symptoms, characteristic of it: subfebrile temperature, appetite loss, deterioration in the general state, decrease in body weight, adynamia or excitement of a nervous system. Also perspiration, a bad dream are noted.

At process development, especially small children, have a bitonalny cough, i.e. cough of two tones. It is provoked by a prelum of bronchial tubes the lymph nodes increased in volume which contain caseous masses.

In connection with loss of elasticity of a wall of a bronchial tube, prelums occur at adults very seldom and happen only at patients to for a long time current disease when lymph nodes are huge, dense, conclude caseous masses with furnacing elements.

At adults the dry, hoarse, pristupoobrazny, tickling cough is noted. It is generated by irritation mucous a bronchial tube or results from formation of bronchopulmonary fistula. Owing to defeat of neuroplexes which are in a zone of tubercular modifications the bronchial tube spasm can appear.

Туберкулезный бронхоаденит

Tubercular bronchadenitis

Treatment of a bronchadenitis:

Treatment of tubercular bronchadenites has to be complex, with use of antibacterial drugs and vitamins C observance of the sanatorium and hygienic mode. During a process zatikhaniye the patient can be returned to the professional work and continue out-patient treatment.

The early treatment of a tubercular bronchadenitis at children and adults and its constant carrying out throughout long term guarantees recovery of the patient and prevents the complicated disease.

Basis of treatment of tuberculosis is the multicomponent antitubercular chemotherapy today.

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