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Throat candidiasis


This disease  is caused eurysynusic at animals and the person (as symbionts) by the drozhzhepodobny fungi called by Candida albicans.

Symptoms of Candidiasis of a throat:

The disease is characterized by pharyngalgias, rise in temperature, a hyperemia mucous, cough, to quite often painful and not giving in usual remedies. On mucous there are multiple translucent white plaques (milkwoman) of irregular shape which are located on almonds, handles, the sky and other places and then and grayish-white plaques which are removed hardly; after their removal there is an erozirovanny surface.

Quite often such defeats are found not only in a drink, but also in other departments of a respiratory and digestive tract that considerably burdens the patient. Exclusively heavy current similar to sepsis, defeat differs in fungi of internals.

The candidiasis of a throat should be distinguished from diphtheria, from a fuzospirokhetoz and damages of a throat at blood diseases.

The diagnosis of a candidiasis is proved by the previous any general disease, prolonged use of antibiotics and detection at a mikroskopirovaniye of plaques of drozhzhepodobny fungi. In the subject fabrics infiltrates from lymphocytes with presence of plasmocytes (V. A. Maximov) are found.

Кандидоз полости рта и глотки

Candidiasis of an oral cavity and throat

Reasons of Candidiasis of a throat:

Fungi are activated and turn in infestants under the influence of long receptions by the weakened patients of high doses of antibiotics, in particular a broad spectrum of activity (penicillin, streptomycin, Aureomycinum, gramicidin, etc.). Development of this disease is promoted also by the powerful tools changing reactivity, in particular a cortisone and many drugs breaking blood formation and exchange (O.K. Khmelnytsky).

In a pathogeny of this disease the main place is taken by the change of ordinary composition of intestinal microflora caused, in particular, by high doses of antibiotics called by dysbacteriosis (P. N. Kashkin, A. M. Ariyevich). First, loss of antagonistic influence concerning fungi — normal inhabitants of intestines (an intestinal and lactic stick, etc.), and secondly, disturbance carried out in intestines (with the participation of these bacteria) synthesis of vitamins of a complex B is a consequence of it.

Treatment of Candidiasis of a throat:

Treatment has to provide first of all cancellation of all already applied antibiotics. Sulfadimezinum, and also the local means useful at treatment of fungus diseases can be applied inside. So, are reasonable as it practiced at treatment of the milkwoman, greasings of 10% borax solution in glycerin earlier. Greasings by pyoxanthin, 2% solution of a methylrosanilinum chloride, 1% solution of diamond greens and 3% solution of a methylene blue are applied. Greasings by iodine solution with iodide potassium in glycerin (Lugol solution) are effective. Repeated greasings of the centers of 0,1 — 0,25% are recommended by aqueous solution of a copper vitriol. Also iodide therapy is appointed (to 3 — 5 g of iodide sodium or potassium inside within several days to the first signs of an iodism). Appoint vitamins C and vitamins of group B: Riboflavinum on 0,01 — 0,02, B1 vitamin on 0,04, niacin on 0,05 — 0,1 (3 times a day after food).

It is most effective at candidiases, especially at the weakened patients needing continuation of drug treatment, the special antifungal antibiotic is nystatin (synonyms — Micostatinum, фунгицин). To the adult nystatin is appointed courses for 5 — 10 days inside (on 500 000 PIECES of 5 times a day in the form of a dragee, i.e. only 50 — 100  dragees to a course). The effect is noted from the second day of reception.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Candidiasis of a throat:

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