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Tracheitis is the progressing inflammatory disease of a trachea affecting her mucous membrane as a result of impact on it of the infectious agent. Tracheitis is diagnosed more often in combination with bronchitis or laryngitis. All age categories are subject to a disease. Tracheitis at children differs in a heavy and long current.  

Анатомическое строение трахеи

Anatomic structure of a trachea

Tracheitis reasons:

The tracheitis nature infectious, first of all pneumococci, streptococci, an influenza stick, staphylococcus cause a disease. The dry, cold and contaminated air start inflammatory reaction in tracheas. Nemovazhny is the fact of accession of a viral infection.
Smoking, alcohol intake, existence of chronic diseases contribute to development of chronic tracheitis. Happens that chronic diseases of a nasopharynx become the reason of chronic tracheitis.
Tracheitis can proceed not only in the form of a basic disease, but also as a complication at flu and other SARS.


Puffiness, reddening and infiltrafiya of a slizity cover of a trachea is characteristic of acute tracheitis. Further it is possible to find slime accumulation. If tracheitis developed as a flu complication, quite often there are dot hemorrhages on mucous.
Dystrophic processes which can proceed as in the form of an atrophy, and a hypertrophy are inherent to chronic tracheitis. If expansion of blood vessels, hypostasis of a mucous trachea, a large amount of slime and a phlegm with pus impurity is revealed, speak about hypertrophic chronic tracheitis. Atrophic tracheitis is accompanied by thinning mucous which can gain "dirty" gray color. Painful cough at atrophic tracheitis is caused by formation of crusts in a trachea.

Tracheitis symptoms:

At acute tracheitis of the patient the dry unproductive cough amplifying closer by the morning disturbs. The tussive attack comes at an external irritant - a deep breath, a loud conversation or laughter, and also sharp to change of temperature condition. The patient feels a pharyngalgia or zagrudinno. Restriction of respiratory movements facilitates a little symptoms of acute tracheitis therefore the asthma phenomena are frequent. The Suzhorozhny tussive attack comes at accumulation of a phlegm in the field of bifurcation (bifurcation) of a trachea. The voice of the patient becomes become hoarse. The general symptoms of intoxication are usually unsharply expressed, body temperature can uveliivatsya to subfibrilny figures, however at children it is more often febrile. The further clinical picture is caused by a basic disease - flu, whooping cough, etc.
On the expiration of several days the phlegm becomes more rare, its department is facilitated.
Chronic tracheitis is shown by the long period of the dry cough disturbing the person after awakening. Quite often pain of retrosternal localization joins. Also existence of a phlegm which can have various form - from dense and hardly separated, to mucous and plentiful is noted.
The descending infection with involvement of bronchial tubes, bronchioles and alveoluses defines a picture of a tracheobronchitis and other complications.

Treatment of Tracheitis:

Tactics of treatment of tracheitis in many respects depends on a disease form.
The acute tracheitis having more often the virus nature demands purpose of Remantadinum according to the scheme: 100 mg of Remantadinum 3 times a day in the first day of therapy, 2 times a day for the 2 and 3 day of treatment, from the 4th day once in day. Efficiency of Remantadinum at acute tracheitis is noted from the first day of appointment.
Purpose of interferon is not less effective. Drugs of interferon accept in the form of irrigations. For reliable information about the bacterial nature of tracheitis use of antibiotics is recommended.
The physiotherapy appointed at tracheitis has antiinflammatory effect, stimulates otkhozhdeny phlegms and facilitates intoxication symptoms. Mustard plasters impose on area of a thorax, in interscapular area. For performing inhalations in house conditions it is better to use ultrasonic or steam inhalers. In the absence of the special device it is possible to use a usual pan with boiled water. It is necessary to add a drop of menthol or anisic oils or tincture of iodine to water, it makes sense to carry out also alkaline inhalations promoting fluidifying of a phlegm.  Having bent over a pan, it is necessary to take cover a dense blanket.
It is easy to execute inhalations with propolis. For this purpose use only 60 гр propolis and 40gr wax. Duration of one procedure up to 15 minutes.
Remember that it is better for inhalation to begin to carry out not earlier than 3 days of a disease.
It is possible to eliminate the expressed cough by means of antibechic drugs. Among drugs of this group allocate codeine-sodezhashchiye the medicines suppressing the tussive center. Dry unproductive cough demands purpose of expectorant drugs – Ambroxol, ASS and others. Expectorant effect phytodrugs – a mallow root, a thermopsis, a licorice have.
For treatment of the newborns who got sick with tracheitis grinding of a thorax Doctor MOM balm is possible.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Tracheitis:

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