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Proctitis (proctitis; Greek proktos an anus, a rectum +-itis) - an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a rectum.
Often the proctitis is combined with inflammatory changes in a sigmoid gut — a proctosigmoiditis.

Proctitis symptoms:

On a clinical current the proctitis is subdivided on acute and chronic.
The acute proctitis has the sudden beginning, is followed by fervescence, oznoba, tenesmus (false desires) against the background of locks, heavy feeling in a rectum, strong burning in it. The acute proctitis meets infrequently, but, having arisen, proceeds hard owing to the expressed subjective local feelings.
The acute proctitis can be shown in various morphological forms. The catarral and hemorrhagic form is characterized by a hyperemia of a mucous membrane of a gut and dot disseminated hemorrhages. At a catarral and purulent form the hyperemia of a mucous membrane with availability of pus on its surface is observed. The catarral and mucous form is shown by a hyperemia of a mucous membrane of a rectum with existence on its surface of slime. At a polypostural form on a mucous membrane of a gut polipovidny educations come to light. The erosive proctitis is characterized by existence of erosion on a mucous membrane of a gut, an ulcer proctitis — formation of ulcer defects.
The ulcer proctitis is characterized by existence of multiple erosion or even ulcers on a mucous membrane of a rectum. The ulcer proctitis represents one of forms of ulcer colitis. However the clinical current and methods of treatment of an ulcer proctitis differ. At an ulcer proctitis the process which took a piece or all rectum can not extend above. Clinical displays of a disease are very characteristic. Suddenly there is blood in the form of drops on a surface a calla. It can be both bright, and dark, in the form of insignificant clots. Further there are bloody or bloody and mucous allocations before a chair or at a false desire. Function of intestines is not broken. The patient, as a rule, does not feel any pain. The burning sensation, characteristic of a proctitis, and an itch is observed seldom. The beam ulcer proctitis often develops not at once, and several months later after a roentgenotherapy concerning a tumor of a prostate or female generative organs. Patients have bloody allocations from a rectum, feeling of weight, pressure in a gut, frequent false desires.
The chronic proctitis unlike acute — is very widespread. Arises imperceptibly, gradually. The general symptoms are almost absent. Local symptoms are also expressed softly: or only an itch in proctal area, either moknuty, or burning. Sometimes all these phenomena are observed at the same time.
Often manifestations of a chronic proctitis are so insignificant that the patient avoids the address to the doctor, uses house means and continues to lead a usual life. Process develops meanwhile: at the use of spicy food burning in a rectum amplifies, mucous or mucopurulent allocations appear, sometimes into the forefront the sharp itch in the field of an anus acts. Function of intestines at the same time usually is not broken.
The chronic proctitis can proceed in hypertrophic, normotrofichesky and atrophic forms. At a hypertrophic proctitis of a fold of a mucous membrane are thickened, friable, at normotrofichesky have a usual appearance, at atrophic — are maleficiated, the mucous membrane is thinned. Various degree of a hyperemia and hypostasis of a mucous membrane, sometimes her contact vulnerability is defined.

Proctitis reasons:

In development of a proctitis various factors taking into account which allocate matter:
- The alimentary proctitis resulting from overconsumption of hot dishes, spices, high doses of alcohol;
- Gonorrheal proctitis;
- The congestive proctitis which is observed at the persons suffering from locks against the background of venous stagnation in a wall of a rectum and traumatization of her mucous membrane;
- The beam proctitis which is a consequence radiation therapyof malignant tumors of pelvic bodies;
- The parasitic proctitis caused by dysenteric amoebas, trichomonads, balantidiya.
- Development of a proctitis can be promoted overcooling, by diseases of a rectum and the next bodies — hemorrhoids, a proctal crack, a paraproctitis, abscess of a duglasov of space, prostatitis, cystitis, a vulvovaginitis, etc.

Treatment of the Proctitis:

What can the doctor make?
The doctor establishes the diagnosis on the basis of the anamnesis, data of survey, a rectal research and a rektoskopiya (rektoromanoskopiya). For definition of degree and the nature of inflammatory changes the cytologic research of intestinal contents, crops a calla for the purpose of definition of structure of intestinal microflora, a biopsy of a mucous membrane are conducted.
At severe forms of an acute proctitis (catarral and purulent, erosive, polypostural, ulcer) treatment is carried out in a hospital. The bed rest, a diet with limited amount of cellulose, an exception of hot, fried dishes, spices and alcohol are shown. Antiinflammatory therapy (antibiotics, streptocides) is appointed taking into account results of crops a calla and sensitivity of microflora to medicines. Locally apply microclysters with colloid silver, camomile infusion. When subsiding the phenomena of an acute inflammation appoint oil microclysters, sedentary bathtubs from 0,01% of potassium permanganate, a perineal warm shower. At severe forms of nonspecific ulcer proctites the favorable effect gives use of corticosteroids.
Treatment of a chronic proctitis can be carried out on an outpatient basis, using the same means, as for treatment of an acute proctitis. Reasonablly resort therapy. Appoint mud cure, intestinal washings warm alkaline water of the type Borjomi, Yessentuki which promote rejection of slime and activate motive function of a large intestine. Use a complex of the medical actions directed to fight against locks (massage, prelum abdominale gymnastics for elaboration of fixing of a reflex on defecation), but it is impossible to apply purgatives. Treatment of complications of a disease (the expressed cicatricial narrowings) operational.

What can you make?
At emergence of any sensation of discomfort, burning sensation or an itch in the field of an anus it is not necessary to self-medicate or close eyes to it and to think that everything will pass. During this time process can be aggravated and lead to complications only. And, of course, it is necessary to treat surely the basic disease which led to a proctitis

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Proctitis:

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