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Hemorrhoids — the disease connected with thrombosis, an inflammation, pathological expansion and crimpiness of the hemorrhoidal veins forming nodes around a rectum.



Hemorrhoids symptoms:

In most cases hemorrhoids develop gradually. In the beginning there is a feeling of some awkwardness, weight and itch  in the field of an anus, pains, locks are quite often noted. These feelings amplify after reception of hot dishes, alcohol, sometimes after an exercise stress.
Hemorrhoids are followed by a pain syndrome, hemorrhoidal bleeding, loss of hemorrhoidal nodes. In typical cases small bleeding arises in time or right after defecation (bowel emptying). Color of blood usually scarlet, but release of dark blood, sometimes with clots is possible. Regular release of blood quickly enough leads to anemia (anemia). Loss of internal hemorrhoidal nodes develops often gradually. Originally appears at defecation, after a while at a natuzhivaniye, heavy lifting, cough, sneezing. At the first stages nodes are easily set, further reside outside the proctal channel (outside). At any stage thrombosis and a necrosis of a hemorrhoidal node with development of a heavy clinical picture is possible.

Hemorrhoids reasons:

The factors promoting development of hemorrhoids:
    * Obesity.
    * Genetic predisposition.
    * Improper feeding (spicy food, coffee, alcohol).
    * A slow-moving way of life or the work connected with a small physical activity.
    * The activity connected with an excessive muscle tension (big exercise stresses).
    * Stress.
    * Disturbance of outflow of blood in a rectum.
    * Frequent locks.
    * Inflammatory and tumoral processes in intestines and a liver.
    * Hit of an infection

Treatment of Hemorrhoids:

There are several approaches to treatment, depending on a disease form

    * Fight against a pathological lock;
    * Anti-hemorrhoidal drugs in the form of ointments, gels, candles;
    * Sclerotherapy, infrared coagulation, alloying of hemorrhoidal nodes;
    * Surgical removal of hemorrhoidal nodes (gemorroidektomiya);
    * Minimum invasive operations;
    * Phytotherapy;
    * Massage;

Despite a wide choice of approaches to elimination of hemorrhoidal nodes, only units from them can guarantee that hemorrhoidal nodes will not appear again. Even operation is only cosmetic.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Hemorrhoids:

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