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Nonspecific ulcer colitis


The Nonspecific Ulcer Colitis (NUC) — the chronic inflammatory disease of a mucous membrane of a large intestine resulting from interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors, which is characterized by aggravations. It is found in 35 — 100 people on each 100000 inhabitants, that is mentions less than 0,1% of population. Now, in English-speaking literature, "ulcer colitis" is considered more right term.

Symptoms of Nonspecific ulcer colitis:

    * A frequent diarrhea or a kashitseobrazny chair with impurity of blood, pus and slime.
    * "False desires" on defecation, "imperative" or obligatory desires on defecation.
    * an abdominal pain (is more often in the left half).
    * fever (temperature from 37 to 39 degrees depending on disease severity).
    * loss of appetite.
    * loss of weight (at a long and heavy current).
    * water and electrolytic disturbances of various degree.
    * general weakness
    * joint pains

It should be noted that some of the listed symptoms can be absent or are expressed minimum.

Reasons of Nonspecific ulcer colitis:

Among the factors promoting development of nonspecific ulcer colitis it is necessary to call genetic predisposition first of all. At relatives of patients the risk of its development is 10 times higher, than at all population.

If both parent have ulcer colitis, then the risk of its development in the child to 20-year age increases up to 52%.

It is necessary to refer smoking to the factors interfering developing of nonspecific ulcer colitis. At smokers the risk of development of a disease is lower, than at non-smoking or at the persons which stopped smoking. A convincing explanation of protective action of smoking at ulcer colitis it is not offered yet. It is supposed that when smoking the blood stream in a mucous membrane of a rectum therefore products of agents of an inflammation decrease decreases.

Treatment of Nonspecific ulcer colitis:

In the period of a weak or moderate aggravation out-patient treatment is shown. A diet at ulcer colitis. From the moment of an aggravation the diet No. 4a is appointed. When subsiding inflammatory processes - a diet 4b. During remission - a diet 4v, then a usual diet with an exception of the products which are badly transferred by the patient. In case of a heavy exacerbation of ulcer colitis - appointment parenteral (through a vein) and/or an enteroalimentation.

Drug treatment. The main drugs for treatment of ulcer colitis - drugs of 5-aminosalicylic acid. Treat them Sulfasalazinum and месалазин. These drugs possess antiinflammatory action and render the healing effect on inflamed mucous a large intestine. It is important to remember that Sulfasalazinum can cause bigger amount of side effects, than месалазин, and is quite often less effective at treatment. Besides, the drugs containing месалазин as active ingredient (салофальк, месакол, samezit, a pentasa), render effect in different departments of a large intestine. So, the pentasa begins to work in a duodenum, месакол - since a large intestine.

Hormones - Prednisolonum, dexamethasone - are appointed at insufficient efficiency of drugs 5-ACK or at the heavy attack of ulcer colitis. Usually they are combined with Sulfasalazinum or mesalaziny. In cases of a medium-weight and/or serious illness Prednisolonum or its analogs are entered intravenously in doses from 180 to 240 mg a day and above depending on activity of a disease. In 3-5-7 days with therapeutic effect hormones are appointed orally in the tableted form. Usually starting dosage makes 40-60 mg a day depending on activity of a disease and body weight of the patient. In the subsequent the dose of Prednisolonum decreases on 5 mg a week. Hormonal drugs do not heal mucous a large intestine, they only reduce activity of an aggravation. Remission (an inactive disease) is not supported at purpose of hormones to a long time.

Biological drugs - ремикейд, a humira - are appointed at gormonorezistentny forms of a disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Nonspecific ulcer colitis:

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