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Disease Krone


The disease Krone is a chronic disease which can lead to an inflammation in any place of digestive tract from a mouth to an anus. Unlike ulcer colitis which influences only an internal cover of digestive tract a disease the Krone usually strikes all layers of an intestinal wall. A disease the Krone and nonspecific ulcer colitis are united in group of the inflammatory diseases of intestines (IDI).

Etiologies Krone:

There are theories about etiologies Krone and the VZK groups in general, but VZK are idiopathic, i.e. their reasons are for certain unknown.  The disease Krone – often family disease, especially often meets in families of the Jewish origin (Jews-ashkenazi, in particular) though many patients also do not note  family cases of VZK.
One of theories about the reasons of VZK says about the allergic nature of this pathology.  This theory is in many respects based that VZK are autoimmune diseases. Ecological factors can be also involved, but there is no consensus among scientists concerning what factors can influence development of VZK. Any combination from the given factors can be an actual reason of VZK.

Disease symptoms Krone:

Depending on what part of a digestive tract suffers, there are various options of a disease Krone. The Krone is the most common form of a disease an ileocolitis which extends to an ileal gut (the lower part of a small bowel) and a large intestine. The ileitis takes only an ileal gut. A disease the Krone of gastroduodenal area covers a stomach and a duodenum (initial department of a small bowel). The jejunoileitis is characterized by the inflammation center in a jejunum (a middle part of a small bowel). The colitis Krone sometimes called by granulematozny colitis influences only a large intestine. This option of a disease Krone is often confused to ulcer colitis.
The doctor can suspect a disease Krone if the patient shows complaints to an abdominal pain, diarrhea, unreasonable loss of weight, availability of blood in a chair. For diagnosis additional diagnostic methods can be also used.
Kolonoskopiya can be used for the purpose of inspection  of an internal mucous membrane of a large intestine, visualize the inflammation centers in it.  At suspicion on damage of upper parts of a GIT endoscopic diagnostic methods are also used. Some other researches, such as a X-ray analysis, including contrast, can be used for this purpose. The rektoromanoskopiya is sometimes applied.
In blood test pay attention to erythrocytes and leukocytes. Also investigate electrolytic balance, levels of ions of sodium and potassium which can be broken as a result of long diarrhea.

Поражение слизистой оболочки кишки при болезни Крона

Damage of a mucous membrane of a gut at a disease Krone

Слизистая оболочка кишки при болезни Крона на эндоскопическом обследовании

Mucous membrane of a gut at a disease Krone on endoscopic inspection

Treatment of the Disease Krone:

For treatment of a disease Krone  various drugs can be used. Drugs usually are divided into two categories: drugs which are accepted for the purpose of prevention of an exacerbation of a disease, and the medicines accepted for stopping of already developed aggravation.
At a disease Krone such drugs as are often used: Azulfidine (Sulfasalazinum); Asacol and Pentasa (мезаламин); Imuran (Azathioprinum); Purinetholum (6-MP, Mercaptopurinum); cyclosporine; Rheumatrex (methotrexate); Remikeyd (инфликсимаб); Humira (адалимумаб), and also corticosteroids (for example, Prednisolonum and Entocort EC (будесонид)).
Krone also apply surgical methods to treatment of a disease. About 70% of people with a disease Krone оперируютсяв the first 10 years after establishment of the diagnosis. About 50% of patients from their number need operational treatment in the first 3-4 years of a disease. The resection of a part of the struck gut is the most widespread type of operation. However surgical treatment is not absolute disease medicine Krone.
Among patients with inflammatory diseases of intestines alternative and additional procedures enjoy the increasing popularity. Now scientific research of these methods with the purpose to prove their efficiency and safety is conducted.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Disease Krone:

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