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Unpleasant smell from a mouth (галитоз) - quite widespread disease of an oral cavity.

Galitoz's symptoms:

Breath becomes stale because of bacteria. Therefore first of all you should not forget about elementary rules of hygiene.
Such problems as dental calculus, caries and periodontal disease always give a persistent chronic unpleasant smell. In such cases treatment at the stomatologist is necessary.
Dysfunction of sialadens when they emit not enough saliva is one more reason of a galitoz. There is a chronic dryness in a mouth (xerostomia). Saliva has antibacterial properties, and reduction of its allocation leads to growth of harmful microbes and consequently, to emergence of a galitoz. It is necessary to throw addictions and during the day to drink more water. It is possible to use also means for salivation stimulation. It can be chewing gums or special medicines.
One more frequent reason of a galitoz - wisdom teeth. It is more difficult to clean them therefore on them often there is a lot of plaque. From here and unpleasant smell.
Dentures can lead to a galitoz, besides because of insufficient hygiene too. Some of their designs promote accumulation of a plaque.
As a rule, independently not to get rid of a chronic galitoz, intervention of the doctor is necessary.
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Виды галитоза

Types of a galitoz

Galitoz's reasons:

The unpleasant smell from a mouth is a consequence of release of special substances, methyl-mekraptana and hydride-sulfide which are produced by microbes and bacteria when processing proteins of food in an oral cavity. Predisposition to a galitoz is not connected with genetic factors and heredity in any way.

Galitoz's treatment:

1. Begin every day with the main gigiyeniyochesky procedure - toothbrushing with a brush
It is necessary to brush teeth not less than 2 minutes.

2. Try to use regularly a dental floss and a brush for cleaning of language. Brushes for a plaque udaleyoniya from language can be got in a drugstore. This very effective remedy, having used which once, you will not be able to do without it. The dental floss helps to remove the food remains which bacteria eat from interdental space.

3. The oral cavity has to be wet. Saliva helps to clear a mouth as contains natural antibakteriyoalny structure. If you talk without a stop, in an oral cavity there is a dryness. Try to rinse more often a mouth or to carry out at least by language on teeth - it also helps to get rid of a nepriyatyony smell for a while.

4. Correctly chosen chewing gum is very useful both to teeth, and to an oral cavity in general. Besides, fresh breath is provided. The Zheyovatelny elastic band without sugar stimulates production of saliva because causes the mechanical zheyovatelny motion. The chewing gum containing ксилитол also helps to prevent rotting of teeth.

5. If you want to keep freshness of breath, you vozyoderzhitsya from red wine, coffee, meat and garlic. All these products cause галитоз. And here carrots help to refresh breath.

6. Well refreshes breath mint and parsley - enough within a minute to chew these herbs.

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