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Trochanteritisis is called the inflammatory disease which develops in femur tissues, in the field of its spit – a trokhanter (the site of a femur near a basin to which gluteuses are attached). Often also mean an inflammation of the joint bags and sinews which are in area by a trochanteritisis twirled.



Trochanteritisis reasons:

Most often development of a trochanteritisis is connected with exercise stresses, especially in combination with overcooling.

As a rule, symptoms of the described disease develop not against the background of regular loadings, and at their unusual intensity. It can be long walking or run, and also walking and run at unusually bystry speed.

The trochanteritisis can also develop at increase of load of hip joints and spits of femurs. Such situation appears when carrying heavy loads, a bystry increase of weight, pregnancy.

Besides, also the posttravmaticheky trochanteritisis – as a result of blow or falling is possible.

In addition, the trochanteritisis can be caused by tubercular process. In this case the isolated site of a femur is surprised.

In most cases women who are more than 30 years old are ill a trochanteritisis.

Trochanteritisis symptoms:

Classical symptom of this disease is emergence of a nagging pain or pressing,  pulsing in an upper part of a hip and on its side surface (the so-called zone "zone of riding breeches").

As a rule, the feeling of pain at this disease appears when walking, in a lateral decubitus or when sitting in some poses.

At long existence without the corresponding treatment of a disease pain passes into more intensive, begins to be shown at rather small loadings, at rest practically does not decrease.

At a tubercular trochanteritisis the swelling on the struck party can be noted, appear so-called congestive abscesses (abscesses), at assignment of a leg pain can be felt aside.

Treatment of a trochanteritisis:

Generally treatment of the described disease consists in carrying out the corresponding complex of physiotherapeutic procedures. Cold procedures (especially in combination with massage), laser and magnetotherapy, and also other methods are of great importance.

In some cases resort to surgical intervention. So, for example, at accumulation in trochanterian bags of pus, it is deleted.

Use of antiinflammatory drugs is not among obligatory components of treatment and often it is not required.

At a tubercular trochanteritisis treatment has to include surgical actions and specific methods of antitubercular treatment.

At any form of the described disease temporarily it is required decrease in load of the gluteuses fastening to a femur spit. It is necessary to reduce duration and intensity of walking. The positive impact is made by the massage having the weakening effect.

In combination with conservative treatment of this disease shock and wave therapy is useful. Usually 4-6 procedures between which the interval of 3-5 days is provided are required. Between procedures it is necessary to limit exercise stresses.

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