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Vertebralny syndrome


Displays of vertebralny pathology periodically disturb almost each second person aged after 25 years, and painful phenomena in a backbone, a trunk and extremities occur practically at each person at working-age after 40 years. On spondilogramma (roentgenograms of a backbone) at this age almost in each case signs of degenerative and dystrophic damage of a backbone are found.

Functional (reversible) biomechanical disturbances are more widespread, than degenerative. The latent, clinically not shown changes have a bigger distribution. Defects of a backbone can arise at children's age.

Symptoms of the Vertebralny syndrome:

The Vertebralny syndrome can be presented by pain, disturbances of the movement, neural disturbances.

Typical radicular syndromes with characteristic loss of sensitivity or change of a physical activity in a zone of a myotome are uncharacteristic for functional pathology of a backbone. Neyronalny vertebrogenny manifestations more correspond to the term "pseudo-radicular syndrome" which is characterized by reflex changes in a segment, corresponds to "sclerolanguid" spread of pains and is caused by irritation of receptors, but not nerve fibrils. The Vertebralny syndrome is closely connected with a myofascial syndrome.

Reasons of the Vertebralny syndrome:

In representation of most of specialists in manual medicine at sources of both functional, and degenerative changes of a backbone the functional blocking of intervertebral joints and the compensatory hyper mobility of vertebral and motive segments accompanying it connected in a uniform vicious circle with an irritation of sinuvertebralny nerves lies.

Treatment of the Vertebralny syndrome:

Along with drug treatment at vertebralny pathology, especially functional, the main role belongs to segmented methods of therapy, in particular, of manual therapy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Vertebralny syndrome:

  • Препарат Олфен-75.


    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NPVP).

    LLC Mepha, Switzerland

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