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Osteosinging treats the mineral density of a bone tissue which is lower, than the normal maximum mineral density of a bone tissue, but is not so low that can be classified as a disease of osteoporosis. The mineral density of a bone tissue is measurement of level of content of minerals in bones that indicates as far as they dense and strong. If the mineral density of your bone tissue low, in comparison with the normal maximum mineral density of a bone tissue, you have osteosinging. Means osteosinging that you are subject to big risk that eventually the mineral density of your bone tissue will become so low, in comparison with normal value that you will develop osteoporosis.

Частота выявления остеопении и остеопороза у пациенток с дисфункцией яичников

Identification frequency osteosinging and osteoporosis at patients with dysfunction of ovaries

Osteopeniya's symptoms:

When osteosinging symptoms are not shown. You have no pains or changes at that time. Though the bone becomes thinner, and the risk of fractures of bone increases, with loss by a bone of the density.

Osteopeniya's reasons:

With age at people of a bone become thinner in the natural way, this consequence of achievement of middle age as the existing cells of bones reabsorbirutsya by an organism quicker, than new bones appear. When it occurs, bones lose minerals, weight (weight) and structure that does them weak and increases risk of developing of a fracture. All people lose bone weight after achievement of the maximum mineral density of bone weight at the age of, about, 30 years. The your bones at the age of 30 years are thicker, the longer than time occupies development osteosinging or osteoporosis.

Some people who have osteosinging can not lose bone weight. Perhaps, the low density of bone weight is natural to them. Osteosinging can also happen as a result of various reasons, a disease or treatment. Women have a high probability of development osteosinging and osteoporosis, than at men. As at women the maximum mineral density of a bone tissue is lower, and process of loss of bone weight happens quicker because of hormonal changes which happen after a menopause. Both at men, and at women the following factors lead to development osteosinging:

    * Frustration of a feeding behavior or a problem with metabolism which do not give the chance to an organism to receive and acquire enough vitamins and minerals
    * Chemotherapy, or reception of medicines, such as steroids, for treatment of a number of diseases, including asthma
    * Influence of radiation

If are present at the family anamnesis a disease of osteoporosis, you have a leanness, you a Caucasian or Asian origin, you have a restriction of physical activity, you smoke, abuse alcohol, regularly use "Coca-Cola", then it increases risk of development osteosinging, and eventually osteoporosis.

Osteopeniya's treatment:

Osteosinging it is treated by taking measures to the prevention of its progressing and, at some people, in the way there are acceptances of medicines. The way of life can reduce loss of bone weight which leads to a disease of an osteopeniya and osteoporosis.

For a skeletogeny an important role is played by a food allowance. The most important mineral for bone weight is calcium. Sources of calcium are the milk and other dairy products, green vegetables and food stuffs enriched with calcium.

Perhaps, your doctor will advise you to accept nutritional supplements with calcium, is frequent in connection with vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes digestion of calcium and other minerals your organism. It contains in eggs, a salmon, sardines, fish sword and fish oil. It is added to milk or accepted in the form of nutritional supplements. Besides you can receive it from food stuffs, your organism also synthesizes vitamin D owing to impact of a sunlight.

Physical exercises are also important for maintenance of force of your skeleton as the bone forms in response to tension. Weight exercises, such as walking, campaigns, dances are the best for strengthening of bones. Having added exercise on a raising of small weights or with an elastic tape, you will be able to strengthen bones of an upper body. Consult with the doctor or the physiotherapist concerning the program of trainings.
Except food and physical exercises, the refusal of smoking and avoidance of an alcohol abuse and carbonated drinks like "Coca-Cola", will help you to reduce risk of loss of bone weight.

There are medicines which treat process of thinning of bones, but they usually are accepted in case of progressing osteosinging and its transition to more serious condition, that is osteoporosis. Drugs which can be accepted from osteosinging include biphosphates, ралоксифен and substitutes of hormones.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Osteopeniya's treatment:

  • Препарат Миакальцик®.


    Calcium-phosphorus exchange regulator.

    Novartis Pharma Production (Novartis) Germany

  • Препарат КСИДИФОН.


    Regulator of calcic exchange.

    JSC Moskhimfarmpreparaty of N. A. Semashko" Russia


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