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Serous meningitis


Serous meningitis is characterized by serous inflammatory changes in a meninx. Carry to serous meningitis mainly viral meningitis.

Acute serous meningitis is caused by various viruses. Most often (70-80% of all cases) causative agents of serous meningitis are the ESNO viruses (enteroviruses) and epidemic parotitis. Also acute lymphocytic choriomeningitis, influenzal, parainfluenza, adenoviral, herpetic meningitis, etc. are known. In a clinical picture of a disease meningeal symptoms and fever which are quite often combined with the phenomena of generalized defeat of other bodies are to a greater or lesser extent expressed. At viral meningitis perhaps two-phase course of a disease. In the neurologic status along with the meningeal phenomena there can be signs of defeat of the central and peripheral nervous system. In cerebrospinal liquid find lymphocytes; often it is preceded by emergence of polymorphonuclear cells. At chronic forms in liquid the increased protein level often is defined. The causative agent of infectious serous meningitis comes to light at a virologic and serological research.

Symptoms of Serous meningitis:

Incubation interval - from 6 to 13 days. The prodromal stage (weakness, weakness, a catarrh of upper respiratory tracts) after which body temperature suddenly increases to 39-40 °C is possible and within several hours the expressed shell syndrome with a severe headache, repeated vomiting develops and it is frequent stupefaction. The visceral or grippopodobny phase of an infection preceding development of meningitis is characteristic. Temperature curve two-wave; the beginning of the second wave matches emergence of meningeal symptoms.

Sometimes congestive changes on an eyeground are found. In the first days of a disease passing paresis of eye and mimic muscles can be observed. Cerebrospinal liquid transparent, pressure is considerably increased, a pleocytosis within several hundred cells in 1 мкл, usually mixed (lymphocytes prevail), further lymphocytic. Protein content, sugar and chlorides in liquor within norm.

Менингит при вскрытии

Meningitis when opening

Reasons of Serous meningitis:

The activator - the filtered virus allocated with Armstrong and Lilly in 1934. The main tank of a virus - the gray house mice allocating the activator with nasal slime, urine and a stake. Infection of the person occurs owing to the use of the foodstuff contaminated by mice. The disease more often happens sporadic, but also epidemic flashes are possible.

Симптомы и причины менингита

Symptoms and reasons of meningitis

Treatment of Serous meningitis:

Specific therapy of virus neuroinfections is directed directly to the virion which is in a stage of active reproduction and deprived of a protective cover. The enzymes which are splitting nucleic acid of a virus and slowing down its further replication are used. Nucleases enzymes are appointed taking into account structure of viruses. Ribonuclease is applied to treatment of the diseases caused by the RNA-containing viruses (viruses of epidemic parotitis, enteroviruses, influenza viruses and a parainfluenza, a tick-borne encephalitis). The deoxyribonuclease is shown at the diseases caused by the DNA-containing viruses (a herpes simplex virus, a varitsella-zoster, adenoviruses). As nucleases enzymes are weak antigens-allergens, carry out treatment against the background of use of the desensibilizing drugs: in 30 min. prior to an injection of nucleases enter Dimedrol, Pipolphenum, Suprastinum, calcium chloride. Nucleases dose depending on body weight (at the rate of 0,5 mg on 1 kg), age of the patient and disease severity. The adult patient enter intramusculary 180 mg/days (on 30 mg of 6 times) before normalization of temperature and further within 2 days. Duration of a course is 10-14 days. The repeated lumbar punctures and drugs reducing wet brain and covers improve a condition of patients. Appoint symptomatic means (analgetics, sedative and somnolent drugs), vitamins, immunostimulators, fortifying means.

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