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Leukopenia (leucopenia; watering can of [Zita] + Greek penia poverty, shortcoming; a leykotsitopeniye synonym) — decrease in quantity of leukocytes in blood (less 4,0×109). It is caused, as a rule, by reduction in blood of number of neutrophils (neutropenia), is more rare than other forms of leukocytes, for example lymphocytes, eosinophils.

Leukopenia symptoms:

Gradual weakening of an organism. As a result violently infections develop (symptoms: temperature increase, a fever, the speeded-up pulse, concern, headaches, exhaustion of all organism), inflammatory processes in oral cavities, sores in a large intestine, pneumonia and an infection of blood which can cause weak shock. If decrease in maintenance of leukocytes is caused by reaction to certain drugs, symptoms accrue violently. The low maintenance of leukocytes is characterized by swelling of glands, increase in a spleen, increase in almonds, and also symptoms of the joined diseases.

Leukopenia reasons:

Leukopenia reasons:

aplasia and hypoplasia of marrow
injury of marrow by chemical means, drugs
the ionizing radiation (increase in a radioactive background, radial illness)
hypersplenism (primary, secondary)
acute leukoses
miyelodisplastichesky syndromes
metastasises of new growths in marrow
Addison-Birmera's disease
typhus and paratyphoid
acute anaphylaxis
carriage of viruses of herpes of 6 and 7 types
result of effect of medicines (streptocides and some antibiotics, NPVS, tireostatik, cytostatics, antiepileptic drugs, anti-spasmodic peroral drugs).

Treatment of the Leukopenia:

  For treatment of patients with heavy chronic immune neutropenias use glucocorticoids (in average and high doses), cytostatic immunodepressants (Mercaptopurinum, Azathioprinum, Cyclophosphanum, Vincristinum); the splenectomy, a plasma exchange are shown. At symptomatic neutropenias medical actions have to be directed to a basic disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Leukopenia:

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