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Gullet atresia


Gullet atresia – a heavy malformation at which the upper piece of a gullet comes to an end blindly. The lower piece of body is most often reported with a trachea. Often the atresia of a gullet is combined with other malformations – inborn floggings of heart, digestive tract, urinogenital system, etc.

In 5% of cases the atresia of a gullet meets at chromosomal diseases. Popular frequency – 0,3:1000. A combination men's and female – 1:1.

Атрезия пищевода

Gullet atresia

Gullet atresia reasons:

The atresia of a gullet arises owing to disturbance of process of embryonic development. Normal by 4-5 week of pre-natal development there is full department of the esophageal tube covered by a single-layer epithelium from respiratory tracts. Then there is a proliferation of an epithelium in multilayer and formation of a gleam of a gullet by epithelium vacuolation.

Impact of harmful factors on fetation in these terms also leads to developing of malformations of a gullet.

Gullet atresia symptoms:

Clinical manifestations come to light right after the birth and consist in cough, cyanosis, accumulation of slime in a throat, foamy allocations from a mouth and a nose. In feeding attempt weight of a condition of the child quickly increases. The concern, an asthma, the bubbling breath are expressed, in lungs rattles are listened. The respiratory insufficiency, pneumonia caused by hit of milk and gastric contents in respiratory tracts develop.


It is necessary to carry out sounding of a gullet. At its malformation the catheter lingers on cul-de-sac level, or the end of a catheter leaves back through a mouth.

Diagnosing is usually carried out in maternity hospital, for clarification of level and a type of an atresia conduct X-ray inspection.

Treatment of an atresia of a gullet:

Surgical. The preparation for surgery is begun in maternity hospital (constantly give oxygen) and suck away the slime accumulating in a drink, exclude feeding through a mouth. The method of an operative measure depends on the level of an atresia and distance between gullet pieces. At the same time, the diagnosis is made earlier and operation is performed, the it is better results.

In the remote terms after an atresia impassability, narrowing of field of comparison of pieces of a gullet, and also a pelting can develop in it gastric contents owing to not enough developed muscles closing an entrance to a stomach.

Therefore regular observation (frequency of visit the attending physician defines) in clinic where operation was made is necessary.

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