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Poisoning with strychnine


The strychnine-alkaloid which is a part of emetic nut (Nuxvomica). He acts with an exciting image of a pas various departments of the central nervous system (spinal cord). The observed picture of poisoning is explained by this action. The last affects first of all in the nagging pains extending to all muscles of a body. These pains lead to the general spasms covering all muscles.

Symptoms of Poisoning with strychnine:

Excitement, headaches, short wind. Increase in a tone of occipital muscles, a lockjaw of chewing muscles, tetanic spasms at the slightest irritation. A spasm of respiratory muscles with development of sharp rigidity of a thorax. Death comes at the phenomena of asphyxia (suffocation).

Reasons of Poisoning with strychnine:

Lethal dose: 0,2-0,3 g. Strychnine is easily absorbed from digestive tract and also easily gets into an organism from all places of an injetsirovaniye.

Treatment of Poisoning with strychnine:

At intake of poison inside - an early gastric lavage, salt laxative, Chlorali hydras in an enema repeatedly. Sedative therapy: barbamyl (3-5 ml of 10% of solution) in a vein, morphine (1 ml of 1% of solution), Dimedrol (2 ml of 1% of solution) under skin. At breath disturbances - an intubation anesthesia with use of muscle relaxants (lysthenonum, Diplacinum). Artificial diuresis (urine alkalinization).

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