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Acute left ventricular failure


Insufficient sokratitelny ability of a left ventricle leads to development of cardiac asthma and a fluid lungs. The acute left ventricular failure can be display of an acute myocardial infarction, sometimes arises at hypertensive crises, damages of a brain, acute pneumonias, radiation injuries, poisonings etc.

Symptoms of the Acute left ventricular failure:

The clinical picture is caused by a fluid lungs or cardiac asthma.

Reasons of the Acute left ventricular failure:

As a result of various reasons pressure in arteries of a small circle of blood circulation increases, transuding of liquid in the fabrics surrounding pulmonary arterioles capillaries (a stage of intersticial hypostasis) begins, and then a liquid part of blood leaves in a gleam of air cells (there comes the stage of alveolar hypostasis).

Treatment of the Acute left ventricular failure:

In the absence of necessary medicines to the patient on hips and shoulders impose plaits (it is possible from make-shifts) — for restriction of volume of the circulating blood. It is also possible to enter intravenously mix of the following structure: in the 10 ml syringe gain 2 — 3 ml 96 ° - an alcohol leg, fill other volume with water for injections or isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Renders penogasyashchy effect. The patient with an acute left ventricular failure needs to call cardiological or at least linear medical crew. All patients are subject to obligatory hospitalization in cardiological department after stopping of a fluid lungs. Transportation is carried out on a stretcher with the lifted head end or sitting.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Acute left ventricular failure:

  • Препарат Валз.


    The antihypertensive combined (diuretic + APF inhibitor).

    Actavis Ltd. (Aktavis Ltd.) Switzerland

  • Препарат Лизиноприл.


    Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (APF inhibitor).


  • Препарат Нитроспрей®.


    Vazodilatiruyushchy means – nitrate.

    JSC Pharmstandart Russia

  • Препарат Капотен®.


    Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (APF inhibitor).

    Bristol-Myers Squibb Comp. (Bristol-Myers Skvibb Komp.) USA

  • Препарат Фуросемид.


    Diuretic means.

    LLC Ozon Russia

  • Препарат Валаар.


    Angiotensin II of receptors blocker.


  • Препарат Нитроглицерин.


    Peripheral vazodilatator. Anti-anginal drug.

    SOOO "Lekfarm" Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Эуфиллин.


    Bronkhodilatiruyushchy means.

    JSC Organika Russia

  • Препарат Тантордио.


    Angiotensin II of receptors blocker.

    Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Torrent Pharmasyyutikals Ltd) India

  • Препарат Нитроминт.


    Nitrates and nitratopodobny means

    JSC EGIS Pharmaceutical Plant Hungary

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