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Heat rash


Heat rash — the irritation of skin developing owing to the increased sweating and the slowed-down sweat evaporation. Excessive sweating is most often caused by hot or wet weather. The heat rash can appear at any age, but is most widespread among children of early age.

Heat rash symptoms:

The heat rash is characterized by the small scattered or grouped bubbles with the transparent contents appearing on the closed sites of skin: at children is more often on skin of a back, buttocks, a neck, in skin folds — mezhjyagodichny, axillary hollows, at adults is more often pleated under mammary glands, inguinoscrotal folds, in axillary hollows and on hands.

At a heat rash there can be also reddish edematous small knots size about the pin head and bubbles with muddy contents surrounded with an inflammatory nimbus. Elements of rash merge, in the started cases the becoming wet centers, especially pleated skin are formed. At the weakened children at perspiration can arise on a pilar part of the head and quite often is complicated by pustulous diseases of skin.

Потница у взрослого

Heat rash at the adult

Heat rash reasons:

It is more often observed at children of chest and younger age. Development of a heat rash is promoted by overheating at excessive wrapping of the child, especially chest age. At adults the heat rash can appear at the infectious diseases which are followed by fever with plentiful sweating, when imposing of the warming compresses, at obesity, etc.

Treatment of the Heat rash:

Treatment is carried out by the doctor. It is important to eliminate the factors leading to overheating. Air bathtubs, frequent airing of the room, hydrotherapeutic procedures in the form of bathtubs with potassium permanganate (pink solution), oak bark or a train (light brown solution) are useful. Skin of folds after a bathtub can be powdered powder from talc and an oxide of zinc, to process prokipyachyonny sunflower oil, it is also possible to wipe it (if there are no becoming wet sites) 1% solution of salicyl alcohol, vodka in half with boiled water or solution of a calendula (1 tablespoon on a glass of boiled water). It is not recommended to wear clothes from synthetic fabric.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Heat rash:

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