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Crack of a red border of a lip


The chronic crack of a red border of a lip is the chronic disease of a red border of lips, a mucous membrane of lips and corners of a mouth which is followed by linear disturbance of an integrity of fabrics, characterized by a long current and a recurrence. It is observed at persons of both sexes in all age groups.

Symptoms of the Crack of a red border of a lip:

Children complain of the painful cracks complicating a conversation, a smile, meal, broad opening of a mouth, an esthetic shortcoming.

There is single more or less deep linear crack with a diameter of 0,2-1,5 cm which is located cross on lips and followed by morbidity. Cracks usually are in the central part of a red border of an under lip, but sometimes sideways from the center. They can proceed from a red border on a mucous membrane of a lip, but never extend to skin. Linear defect of fabric decides on disturbance of integrity at the bottom of a crack. At a long current the crack is covered with a brown crust, around it painful inflammatory infiltration is noted, the dimmed epithelium, sometimes - painful consolidation of edges of a crack at the expense of old hems at the edges comes to light. At recently existing crack its palpation is painless, the basis soft. In case of komissuralny cracks several cracks against the background of reddening, pigmentation and a likhenization of skin are noted. Emergence of angular cracks in teenagers and young men is connected with allergic reaction to foodstuff. Owing to bad hygiene and not debrided oral cavity the streptococcal infection quickly joins and characteristic crusts appear. At night the superficial crack can begin to be epithelized, but in the morning at the movement by the bay the crack is opened again and slightly bleeds. At a long current of its edge are condensed and can become horny, gaining grayish-white color.

Cracks of lips differ in an unequal clinical current. Sometimes they quickly begin to live under the influence of ointments, in other cases their resistance to the applied means, a frequent recurrence of cracks which arises in the same place that is connected with those changes which were revealed at morphological researches of fabrics in the field of a crack is noted.

In more than 6% of cases of a crack are capable озлокачествляться. Their long current, the late address to the doctor, tightening by the doctor of the period of conservative treatment, use of caustics are the reasons of regeneration. Clinical signs of an ozlokachestvleniye are the increased, valikoobrazny raised dense edges, small papillomatous growths in the depth of a crack.

Current. At irrational treatment the crack can exist is long, and it is available for one patients constantly, at others - from time to time begins to live.

Reasons of the Crack of a red border of a lip:

The individual anatomic structure of a lip is of great importance (a deep fold in the center of a lip). From causative factors of emergence of cracks dryness of lips, a chronic injury teeth matters. Various meteorological factors, smoking, a neurogenic background and addictions (a licking, a pokusyvaniye) can cause dryness of lips, loss of elasticity and development of a crack. Hypovitaminoses of vitamin A and group B, a diabetes mellitus, etc. matter. Microbic flora supports; existence of cracks also interferes with their healing.

From the anamnesis come to light it is long stvuyushchy cracks - from 3 to 10 years. All patients point to healing of cracks in the summer and their recurrence in cold season. Various age - is subject from 8 to 81 years to this disease. 70% make men of 18-46 years. At 65% of patients of a crack are localized on an under lip, and the central cracks of an under lip meet by 5 times more often than side. In 24% of cases of a crack are localized on an upper lip, in 11% - in mouth corners. Single cracks occur at 70% of patients, at the others from 2 to 4 cracks at the same time can be observed. At 1/3 patients of a crack are combined with a dry form of an exfoliative cheilitis that burdens the course of a disease and promotes a recurrence. Cracks of lips in 5% of cases are localized on a mucous membrane of a lip, since Klein's zone.

Treatment of the Crack of a red border of a lip:

The most widespread is conservative treatment. For this purpose apply various a keratoplasty, antiinflammatory ointments. Treatment usually drags on to 7-9 weeks and does not guarantee against a recurrence.

The radical method of surgical excision of cracks has a number of shortcomings: it is impossible in the presence of several cracks as the method is rather traumatic, demands postoperative maintaining patients and the subsequent physical therapy of a hem.

N. D. Brusenina and G. M. Barer offered a simple and low-traumatic method of treatment as it was found out that changes at a crack remain limited both on the area, and on depth. Considering neurotrophical disturbances in the fabrics surrounding a crack, authors suggest to use novocainic blockade which influences separate links of an innervation in the offered scheme of treatment, eliminates a vasospasm, kills pain, improves a nervous trophicity. For blockade use 0,25; 0,5 and 1% warm solutions of novocaine. In addition to medical influence of novocaine thanks to infiltration there is a mechanical straightening of a crack that facilitates impact of medicines on the defect which is in depth.

Treatment includes 3-4 visits and is carried out according to the following scheme. All patients need to be trained in hygiene of an oral cavity and sanitation, to eliminate the injuring factors and to prohibit addictions.

At its incomplete healing blockade can be repeated in 5-7 days. On a course of treatment 1-2 blockade.

In case of komissuralny cracks blockade needs to be carried out serially to each party. The general treatment comes down to appointment in polyvitamins during 3-4 weeks. In the presence of the general pathology appoint sedative drugs and treatment at specialists. Recommend to use all patient for the prevention of dryness of lips in cold time hygienic lipstick. During treatment it is not necessary to make other dental interventions as broad opening of a mouth breaks healing of cracks.

The nervous device of lips creates a powerful reflexogenic zone in this connection blockade can be followed by short-term blanching of integuments and dizziness.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Crack of a red border of a lip:

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