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The splinter is a foreign body which is implemented into thickness of an integument.

Acute chips from wooden surfaces, small thorns of plants, small sharp metal objects can be a splinter.

Чаще всего заноза представляет собой маленькую деревянную щепку

Most often the splinter represents a small wooden chip

Splinter symptoms:

The subject which is a splinter is most often contaminated therefore can lead to development of suppuration. Splinters of fingers of hands and legs including got under a nail plate are especially dangerous. The unextracted or removed at non-compliance with rules asepsises of a splinter can lead to development of a felon. The felon is an acute purulent inflammation of tissues of finger. On prevalence of process the felon happens skin, hypodermic, nail (paronychia), joint, tendinous, bone. At emergence of the symptoms indicating development of a felon it is necessary to ask urgently for medical medical care (reddening, a swelling and temperature increase of skin in the place of an injury, the pain in this area amplifying at the movement by a finger).

Treatment of a splinter:

The splinter needs to be removed at once. For this purpose previously process the injured surface of skin any solution of an antiseptic agent (3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, spirit solution of iodine, solution diamond green, 2% spirit solution of boric acid), after that the needle (which is also previously processed by antiseptic solution) make removal of a splinter. For this purpose the tip of a needle is entered sideways from a splinter to hook on it and to take. If it does not work well, then a needle bare region of a splinter, occupy it tweezers and take. After extraction of a splinter the wound is repeatedly processed antiseptic agent solution. If the splinter got under a nail plate, then it is better to ask for medical care as the procedure of its extraction is difficult and very painful.

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