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Melazma – the disturbance of a xanthopathy having high-quality character.

Melazma represents the small hyper pigmented sites of skin having edematous structure. Melazma spots most often appear on a face, affecting a nose bridge, a forehead, cheeks, and also the site of skin between an upper lip and a nose.
Melazma can appear as a result of reception of contraceptive tablets. Nevertheless hormonal therapy in the period of a menopause does not lead to emergence of a melazma.

Melazma darkens under sunshine or any other sources of ultraviolet radiation. Use of sun-protection filters of a wide range of protection is necessary. Use of SPF 30 is optimum above. Sunblock cream has to be applied daily irrespective of the person goes outside or not. Melazma is treated by also bleaching creams or prescription medicines. Melazma is as known as "a pregnancy mask" - a hloazm.

Melazma reasons:

The melazma reason – excess impact on skin of ultraviolet rays. The genetic factor also  matters: there are people having genetic predraspolozhy to emergence of spots of a melazma.

Pregnancy or reception of hormonal contraceptive drugs, sunbed frequentation, and also  the cosmetic drugs incorporating fotosensebilizator can provoke emergence of a melazma.

Melazma symptoms:

More often women, than men - 20:1 suffer. Melazma appears between 30-40 years. Persons with more swarty skin or good reaction to the sun (which well sunbathe) have big tendency to emergence of a melazma. Melazma to a naibola is often localized in an upper part of cheeks, a nose bridge, on a forehead, an upper lip; can occur at 50% of women during pregnancy. Melazma darkens under sunshine or any other sources of ultraviolet radiation.

Treatment of a melazma:

If emergence of a melazma was provoked by pregnancy, after the birth of the child and the termination of a lactation (breastfeeding), spots of a melazma can independently turn pale and disappear.

In other cases of a melazm demands prolonged treatment:

- termination of reception of hormonal contraceptive means;
- various sun-protection means have to be applied on skin during all seasons, the protective factor of these means has to have a wide range - UVB+UVA;
- reception of medical supplies, food stuffs, and also nutritional supplements with the photosensitizing influence is not recommended;
- it is not necessary to apply aggressive cosmetics to clarification of skin;
with care to use the cosmetics containing α-hydroxyacids, β-hydroxyacids ((((((((((AHA, VNA), and also retinoids. Best of all, before use of these means  to consult at the dermatologist;
- it is regularly necessary to moisten skin, not to allow its excessive dryness.

For reduction of a hyperpegmentation of skin the means having effect of oppression of production of hormone of the melanin responsible for skin color are used:

- kojic acid;
- hydrochinone (has a number of contraindications, it includes in particular pregnancy);
- the azelaic acid;
- topical corticosteroids.

There is a peeling technique of treatment of a melazma during which use special chemical reagents are used:  salicylic acid; hydroxyacids - glycolic, milk; topical retinoids – третиноин.

This technique has to pass  only under medical control and demands carrying out the rehabilitation period.

Melazma will respond to treatment by means of a laser peeling, and also way of photorejuvenation. But it is necessary to remember that full disposal of a melazma happens usually only in 30% of cases.

Результаты лечения мелазмы

Results of treatment of a melazma

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