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Hloazma (from Greek  — "to turn green, become green") — a skin disease, the pigmentation disturbance caused by disturbance of functions of closed glands or irritation of a sympathetic nerve of an abdominal cavity.

Hloazma reasons:

Emergence хлоазм depends on the general condition of an organism and most often develops at the women, especially pregnant, sometimes out of communication with pregnancy at the women suffering from inflammatory processes of generative organs.

However, the hloazma quite often occurs at girls and even at men at diseases of a liver, hemadens (especially ovaries), with approach of a climax, with organism exhaustion, etc.

Quite often with approach of the first periods after the delivery pigmentation on a face disappears.

In certain cases the reason of a hloazma does not manage to be established.

Hloazma symptoms:

On a forehead, temples, the side surfaces of cheeks, is more rare on other sites of face skin or neck there are big pigmented spots of irregular shape, various size and outlines isolated or merging to large sites of a yellow, yellowish-brown, brownish shade; spots at a hloazma are almost always symmetrized, have a smooth surface and a sharp, clear boundary.

Hloazma and are especially strongly noticeable in the spring in the summer, pigmentation amplifies under the influence of sunshine.

Persons accompany Hloazma pigmentation of the white line on a stomach, a peripapillary circle of a mammary gland, external genitals. Is especially sharply expressed a hloazma at brunettes.

Хлоазма в области лица

Hloazma in a face

Treatment of a hloazma:

From local actions carry out treatment of a hloazma by peeling and whitening of a nevus pigmentosus.

Peeling consists an upper layer of epidermis with excess quantity of a pigment at a distance (the peeling ointments include sulfur, resorcin, salicylic acid and a nonsense). After peeling it is necessary to avoid long stay in the sun and to use sun-protection creams at an exit to the street in the afternoon.

Ointment from 10–20% by strong solution of peroxide of hydrogen is applied to decolouration of hloazmenny spots. Acetic acid, citric acid, lemon juice also belong to the bleaching means.

хлоазм apply wetting to removal to perhydrols of the hyper pigmented sites of skin.

Vitamins inside: a pyridoxine on 0,025 g; ascorbic acid on 0,25 g 3 times a day; cyanocobalamine on 200–300 mkg, 20–30 injections every other day; calcium pantothenate for 0,25-0,50; Riboflavinum on 0,015 g 3 times a day; methionine on 0,5 g 3 times a day; thiamin (6,0% solution) on 2,0 ml, 30 injections.

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