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Argyrosis or argiriya (other - Greek  — silver + - ia) — the disease caused by long adjournment in an organism of silver, its connections or silver dust.

Argiriya's symptoms:

It is characterized by an irreversible strong xanthopathy: which accepts a silvery or livid shade.

Внешний вид больного при аргирии

Outward of the patient at an argiriya

Argiriya's reasons:

The argyrosis often arises because of long administration of drugs, containing silver: протеинат silver and some cosmetics based on silver. Argyrosis cases at the workers occupied in production and processing of silver were noted.

In small doses of connection are safe in spite of the fact that silver can be laid in body tissues. Nevertheless the cosmetic defect which is shown gray-blue coloring of integuments and mucous membranes and remaining for life can cause considerable psychological discomfort. The advantage of use of silver and its salts inside remains unproven.

On December 20, 2007 in the press a story about the resident of California Paul Karason whose all integument became gray-blue after long consumption of a proteinat of the silver made in house conditions of silver and the distilled water, and also use of silver balm was published.

Argiriya's treatment:

Ways of treatment do not exist though laser therapy or dermabrasion restrictedly can help.

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