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Dandruff — the syndrome characterized by the high speed of scaly peeling of particles of skin throughout rather long time. Most often meets on the head skin covered with plentiful indumentum.

Dandruff symptoms:

Dandruff — the disease caused by disorder of sebum formation, which is shown strengthening or reduction of development of a grease secret, and also change of chemical composition of skin fat.

The quantity and quality of skin fat depend on the general condition of an organism (especially endocrine and nervous systems, a digestive tract), gender and age, associated diseases, etc. Disease is aggravated by persistent infections, hypovitaminoses (especially And yes C), the use of a large number of sweet and greasy food, and also pollution of skin. The greatest number of skin fat is formed and allocated during puberty.

At senile age its quantity considerably decreases. Disorder of allocation of a grease secret usually results from disturbance of balance between estrogen (women's hormones) and androgens (men's hormones) towards the last that is more often observed aged from 14 up to 25 years. During the same period we notice fatter face skin, spins and breasts. At seborrhea the structure of a grease secret generally due to increase in it free fatty acids changes.

Allocate seborrhea fat (dense and liquid) and dry. Displays of dandruff are most expressed on sites of an integument where sebaceous glands are located in a large number: person, pilar part of the head, breast, back. Dense fat seborrhea is characterized by consolidation and decrease in elasticity of skin, considerable expansion of mouths of sebaceous glands. Vyvodnoy Canal of a sebaceous gland is corked with the tearing-away epithelium impregnated with skin fat. So there is a comedone (a black eel) — a horn stopper. If to squeeze this element, then dense grease weight is allocated. At a dense form of seborrhea hair rough, rigid.

At liquid fat seborrhea skin shines, reminds an orange-peel (a time is expanded, gapes), from sebaceous glands skin fat is much emitted. Head hair look so as if are oiled, stick together in a lock. They are plentifully covered with quite densely sitting yellowish scales. As a result of change of chemical composition the grease secret loses the sterilizing properties inherent in it that leads to emergence of pustules on head skin.

At dry seborrhea (dandruff) sebaceous secretion is reduced, scales almost entirely cover head skin and hair. Development of this process is connected with activation of a fungus — Pityrosporum Ovale, it is Malassezia Furfur. So far immunity good, a fungus behaves quietly. But once mental and exercise stresses increase, to break a diet, the fungus becomes more active. Considerably growth of epidermal cells accelerates. All cycle of natural peeling of skin instead of a month takes no more than a week, and the cell by the end of this week does not manage to pass full dehydration.

As a result we receive the mass of scales which quantity much more exceeds norm why becomes a noticeable naked eye. If, besides, we have still an itch and irritation of head skin, the separate centers of reddening, then it is available all symptoms of seborrheal dermatitis. Scales easily separate, contaminate hair, fall on clothes (dandruff). Hair are usually dry, thin, fragile, with the split ends.

At treatment of dandruff it is necessary to find out and liquidate causes of illness at first. It is better to consult with the trichologist for clarification of severity and selection of drugs for treatment of your case. As at seborrhea there is a disturbance of activity of a sebaceous gland which is in epidermis sublayers, treatment has to be directed to sebum formation reduction, that is to be "intradermal". Shampoo is necessary to wash away a grease secret from the surface of head skin therefore in a complex with it it is necessary to apply seboreguliruyushchy masks or lotions which are maintained on the head of 20-30 minutes. The following medical components have to be their part: antimicrobic (пироктон оламин, tsinkopiritionaty), antifungal (климбазол, кетоконазол), peeling (salicylic acid), keratolytic (removal of flakes / an upper layer of epidermis) it (is gray), cytostatic (reduction in the rate of reproduction of cells) (a selenium disulfide), extracts of herbs for abirritation.

Presence of 2-3 components from the list is desirable. It is necessary to balance a diet: to limit consumption of sweet, fat. Food has to be rich with cellulose, vitamins, fermented milk products.

Dandruff reasons:

Dandruff can arise owing to the chronic disbolism causing misoperation of sebaceous glands (seborrhea) or infectious defeat by a fungus, and is more often both at the same time. An important factor is genetic predisposition (feature of a structure of skin and its secretion).

Treatment of Dandruff:

The general methods of therapy is exchange normalization, use of low-alkaline detergents, if necessary — medical shampoos with connections of halkogenid, shampoos with piritionaty zinc, tar, azoles (кетоконазол, бифоназол) etc.
Leaving. For the prevention of dandruff it is necessary to use means of hygiene, such as shampoo or soap. Shampoo can be dry and liquid. Dermatologists advise to wash the head of at least 1 times in 5 days. However, in case hair quickly become fat, it is necessary to use shampoos for daily leaving. They more sparing, than usual shampoos. Their advantage is that they wash away only necessary amount of fat from head skin, without injuring it and allowing to use such means rather often.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Dandruff:

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