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Striya (Latin striae — strips;), extensions, a skin atrophy a polosovidny, polosovidny atrophodermia — a peculiar atrophy (defect) of skin in the form of the narrow wavy strips of different width having a color from white to red-violet, which are localized preferential in places of the greatest stretching of skin.

Do not cause to Striya physical inconveniences and with time (from several days to several years) become colourless. However, they are considered as not esthetic. Usually striya appear in the form of atrophic hems on a breast, a stomach, hips and buttocks, but at athletes who quickly build up muscle bulk, can appear also on the interior of a hand and shoulders.

Striya arise as result of microtraumas of skin and hypodermic cellulose. As a rule, to extensions there is a genetic predisposition.

Стрии в области живота

Striya in a stomach

Reasons of striya:

Extensions can be a symptom of various diseases:
Itsenko-Cushing's disease;
Marfan's syndrome

Also can appear:
against the background of a diencephalic syndrome;
reception of anabolic hormones or other hormonal drugs at athletes;
adrenal hyperplasia;
youthful hypercorticoidism;
at the children who are intensively gaining body weight.

It is considered that the main reason for emergence of striya - a hormonal imbalance, with the prevailing role of adrenocorticotropic, thyritropic hormones, hormones of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands and gonads. However, not smaller value has also skin restretching. For example:
At athletes at accumulation of muscle bulk. Extensions arise in the field of a shoulder girdle and hips.
During pregnancy. Gaps arise on a stomach and on a breast (mammary glands) radially.
At a sharp set of weight of a striya can arise on hips, a waist, buttocks and in other places of an adiposity.


One of major factors of emergence of striya is decrease in synthesis of collagen and elastin fibroblasts, at preservation of ability to synthesize metalproteases (a collagenase, elastase). That is, in a range of cells of a fibroblastichesky row the fibroklasta synthesizing enzymes and destroying collagen, and also the elastin-proteins supporting skin durability prevail. As a result, at restretching of skin there is a gap, the mesh layer of a derma at preservation of epidermis collapses. Vessels, collagenic and elastic fibers are torn, in skin there is "failure".

Symptoms of striya:

On skin of hips, buttocks, a breast or a stomach there are red and cyanotic strips located most often either radially, or in parallel. Length of gaps usually in the range from 1 to 8-10 cm, width - 1-5 mm. Color of striya gradually changes from bright red-violet at the beginning, to whitish with a nacreous shade in several months. The extensions which arose less than 6 months ago are considered as "young people", more - "old". The skin relief over striya can be:
it is located level with skin;
the involved relief;
convex relief.

The first two options are most often observed. The third option - in many respects reminds an anetoderma as convex hems when pressing easily "fail" deep into.

Treatment of striya:

Treatment of striya - a complex challenge, but at integrated and methodical approach - quite solvable. What it is begun to receive treatment of "extensions", subjects a high probability due results earlier.

Completely it is possible to remove extensions only in the surgical way, but to reduce intensity of their coloring and to make them less noticeable it is possible by means of various cosmetic procedures:
mud and algal wrappings;
cosmetic masks;
contrast douches;
laser grinding;
grinding of skin peelings in house conditions;
chemical peeling;


I consider most of dermatologists that prevention of striya - is necessary. Especially for patients from risk groups: to pregnant women, teenagers during a puberty, to people with disturbances of work of endocrine system, and to subject sharp fluctuations of weight, with genetic predisposition.

Careful home care of areas where extensions usually appear is necessary.

For improvement of elasticity and fortress of skin it is recommended:
Daily reception of an alternating douche, douche by cold water;
Massage by rigid basts, with the subsequent drawing on skin of the nutritious and moistening means.

Also it is recommended to use the outside means improving the cellular food and elasticity of skin stimulating formation of collagen, providing long moistening.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment Stry:

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