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Disease of cat's scratches


The disease of cat's scratches is a rare infection which usually develops because of scratches or a sting of a cat.  Most of the diseased feel only moderate discomfort. Patients note that symptoms of a disease pass without any residual phenomena in several weeks or months.

Etiologies of cat's scratches:

The disease of cat's scratches (fever  of cat's scratches is also called) is caused by a bacterium of Bartonella which is found in cats worldwide  and is transmitted from a cat to a cat through fleas. Researchers found out that have a large number of cats in North America in an antibody organism to a disease that indicates that cats caught  at some point in their life. Bartonella seldom meets or at all is absent in a frigid climate which is stood hardly by fleas - disease carriers, however it is quite widespread in the warm, wet area. Bacteria which are in blood of a cat within several months after infection are usually harmless to the majority of cats, and the infected cat does not show any symptoms. Kittens (cats is younger than one year) more often than adult cats, are an infection carrier.
Bartonella can infect people whom it scratched or (less often) the cat bit. The disease  is not transmitted from the person to the person. Researches showed that only 2,5 cases of incidence of a disease of cat's scratches annually are the share of each 100.000 Americans. Children and teenagers have this pathology more often.

Symptoms of a disease of cat's scratches:

The small blister on site of scratch or a sting which arises in the period of 3-10 day after an injury can become the first symptom of a disease of cat's scratches.  The place of damage often looks as sting and usually is on hands, hands or the head. During the next days near a sting (scratch) lymph nodes increase and swell. Often at the patient temperature increase, the expressed fatigue or a headache is observed. Symptoms usually disappear within a month though in lymph nodes can remain swelled up within several months. Hepatitis, pneumonia and other dangerous complications can develop, however it is considered that the disease of cat's scratches represents not so serious threat for health. The people sick with AIDS and other immunodeficiencies are subject to the greatest risk of development of complications.  
Sometimes symptoms of a disease of cat's scratches take the form of a so-called syndrome of Parino. In such cases the eye conjunctiva is surprised, conjunctivitis develops,  peredneushny lymph nodes are involved in pathological process. Researchers assume that Parino's syndrome comes at infection with Bartonella bacterium  from saliva of a cat. The bacterium gets into a conjunctival sac at a potiraniye of eyes after contact with a cat.  

Повреждения кожи при болезни кошачьих царапин

Injuries of skin at a disease of cat's scratches


If scratches or a sting of a cat do not heal independently, there was bone and joint pain, temperature increased it is necessary to see a doctor.  Increase and morbidity of lymph nodes is one more reason  for consultation with the doctor. At suspicion of a disease of cat's scratches it is necessary to identify scratches or stings of a domestic animal. Diagnosis of a disease can also include identification of the activator in blood.

Гистологические нарушения в лимфоузлах при болезни кошачьих царапин

Histologic disturbances in lymph nodes at a disease of cat's scratches

Treatment of a disease кошачьх scratches:

Patients need rest, the balanced food and, as a last resort, drugs  for decrease in temperature. Some clinical cases demand prescription of antibiotics, it can be required at disease complications. At the expressed morbidity and puffiness of lymph nodes it is possible to put a dry compress.  Usually the disease terminates in recovery without formation of any residual phenomena in an organism. Palindromias are rare.


For the purpose of the prevention of infection with a disease of cat's scratches some measures can be taken. Scratches and stings should be washed out immediately with soap and water. After contact with cats it is also necessary to wash hands with soap and not to touch eyes by dirty hands at all.  Do not allow children to play with homeless cats. People with the weakened immunity should not get kittens who, as we know, become more often a disease source.  As the disease of cat's scratches is, as a rule, not life-threatening, and people  are usually emotionally strongly connected with the cats, doctors do not recommend to get rid of a cat who is suspected as an infection source.

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