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Acute atrophic candidiasis (Candidosis glossitis)


Natural microflora of an oral cavity assumes presence of the mass of bacteria in it, viruses and fungi which at the good level of body resistance are in the "sleeping" state or are controlled by beneficial bacteria. As soon as there is a failure in work of any bodies, and immunity sharply falls, all pathogenic microflora becomes more active and begins to breed strenuously.

Sort mushrooms Candida are not an exception. Exceeding of their quantity over the level of natural norm (it is unimportant whether they got from the outside or their reproduction turned out to be consequence of antibiotic treatment) is the main reason for development of a candidosis glossitis. Thus, inflammatory process with formation of a white curdled plaque on a back of the tongue is the first display of this disease.

Reasons of acute atrophic candidiasis (candidosis glossitis):

Newborns and babies with not created immunity, elderly people with a large number of chronic diseases, women of childbearing age and often smoking men are subject to the greatest risk. Besides at the people sick with a diabetes mellitus, oncology and HIV the candidosis glossitis appears very often.

The infection gets to an oral cavity at direct contacts with infected (at kisses or use of the general ware), when feeding the child a breast by the infected mother. The possibility of hit of a fungus in an organism through water, dirty objects and food stuffs is not excluded, at hemotransfusions, when using unsterile reusable medical tools, and also through dirty hands of medical personnel (for example, in maternity hospitals).

Symptoms of acute atrophic candidiasis (candidosis glossitis):

One of the first symptoms of a candidosis glossitis – a hyperemia and swelling of language. Within one-two days after that in language the brown plaque appears characteristic white or sometimes. These signs are followed by also strong burning, moderate pain, the disturbance of the speech because of a paraglossa increased by salivation and extremely unpleasant smell.

At very low level of immunity in language there can also be sores and erosion. Quite often patients complain of the perverted flavoring feelings at reception write or their strong change. In the absence of timely adequate treatment, the acute form of a candidosis glossitis can pass in chronic at which a recurrence will take place at any catarrhal disease or seasonal breakdown.

Острый атрофический кандидоз (Кандидозный глоссит)

Acute atrophic candidiasis (Candidosis glossitis)

Treatment of acute atrophic candidiasis (candidosis glossitis):

At development of candidosis stomatitis treatment is required complex. First of all it is necessary to sanify an oral cavity and to create an alkaline environment for elimination of a fungus. Antifungal drugs, such as флуконазол, nystatin, Clotrimazolum, Dekaminum and others are for this purpose used. Besides it is necessary to rinse several times a day a mouth antiseptic solutions, for example, hlorgeksidiny, miramistiny, Romasulonum, Furacilin, rotokany or potassium permanganate solution.

Recommend to treat damaged mucous doctors by wound healing ointments, balms and gels (vinylene, solkoserit), and also oils (a peach, a dogrose, a sea-buckthorn, vitamin A). Antihistamines, and also the anesthetizing drugs can be in certain cases appointed. For increase in level of immunity it is recommended to spend on drink a rate of vitamins and immunomodulators.

In order that treatment was more successful, it is necessary to keep to the corresponding diet: to refuse the use of flour products, sugar, potatoes and starch-containing products, the irritating food (acute, salty, spicy, hot). Preference is given to vegetables, fruit and proteinaceous food, ideally in a pyureobrazny or kasheobrazny form and in the form of pastes. Care of an oral cavity and observance of rules of hygiene also plays an important role in treatment and prevention of this disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Acute atrophic candidiasis (A candidosis glossitis):

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