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Biochemical pregnancy


It appears, some women probably even many, throughout a fertile piece of the life repeatedly become pregnant, even without suspecting about it. How it can be? The matter is that a huge number of pregnancies (by some estimates about 70%) come to an end, having hardly managed to begin. There is a conception, the oospore reaches a uterus and is even implanted, but after spontaneously is interrupted still before pregnancy becomes possible to be defined by ultrasonography or gynecologic survey. At the same time the periods begin in the put day or with a small delay (about one week). It can be more plentiful and/or painful, than usually, and can proceed without any unusual symptoms. Such pregnancy which was spontaneously interrupted within two embryonal weeks is called biochemical. And if the woman does not plan children (at least, in the nearest future), then she, most likely, also will not notice any changes in the organism.

Reasons of biochemical pregnancy:

To the reasons of biochemical pregnancy or if to speak more precisely, its failure belong:
Hormonal failures. For example, lack of progesterone.
Immune and autoimmune factors. At the same time the organism of the woman has the increased aggression to a germ.
Chromosomal anomalies.
Blood diseases. For example, thrombophilia.

Treatment of biochemical pregnancy:

In general, in this case it will be more correct to speak not about treatment of "disease", and about elimination of the reasons interfering normal development of pregnancy. Especially it concerns women at whom biochemical pregnancy occurred repeatedly as usual not incubation of pregnancy in this way can be shown. Fortunately, the fact of biochemical pregnancy in itself (single) does not testify to problems with fertility at all if before the woman was healthy. After biochemical pregnancy the scraping of a cavity of the uterus or drug treatment as so early stage of development the germ during periods is completely torn away together with an endometria is not required.
Planning after biochemical pregnancy

Many women are concerned by a question when it is possible to resume planning after biochemical pregnancy and whether approach and development of normal pregnancy is possible. According to opinion of doctors, planning can be begun directly in the following cycle without any break. And it is quite probable that already in the following planning cycle the woman will safely become pregnant and takes out the healthy kid.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Biochemical pregnancy:

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