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Gematometra is accumulation of blood in a cavity of the uterus.

Gematometra reasons:

The spasm of a neck of uterus, that is the weakened its state is the most frequent reason of its emergence owing to what the uterus is badly reduced and does not "push out" from itself blood. Refer to origins of a gematometra also inflammatory processes in a cavity of the uterus, and also it can be formed because of the remains of placental fabric after manual removal of an afterbirth.

Gematometra symptoms:

Enough often such diagnosis is made to women, several weeks later after the delivery when she sees a doctor because of nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, heavy feeling in this area, body temperature sometimes increases, and, above all – lochias stop suddenly. It is also gematometra symptoms. But as not always the woman pays attention to them, most often a gematometra already in the "started" look.

What is it dangerous to an organism by? First, the uterus and its appendages inflames. If in time not to cure it, then the inflammation becomes purulent and everything can end with removal of all uterus. Fortunately, it meets extremely seldom and the gematometra manages to be cured drugs which raise a sokratitelny uterine activity, and sometimes with the help clean when educated gematometra scrape out special tools under the general anesthesia.

By the way, if to tell about a gematometra which arises in the first weeks after the delivery then this pathology in medicine call a lohia serosa as allocations are called after the delivery lokhiya. Gematemetra, as such is, arises not right after childbirth, most often she is one of abortion complications, or other female sores (endometriosis, a metroendometritis).

Гематометра (УЗИ-исследование)

Gematometra (Ultrasonography research)

Treatment of a gematometra:

What can you make in order that the uterus was actively reduced and pushed out lokhiya? First, to nurse the kid (during this period the uterus is most actively reduced and allocations will be the most plentiful). Secondly, often to go to a toilet and to empty a bladder (the crowded bladder interferes with reduction of a uterus). Thirdly, often to lay down on a stomach or to put on it a bubble with ice (at a ventral decubitus outflow of allocations improves, and at cold compresses – reductions of muscles and vessels of a uterus improve).

You have to remember that if your childbirth took place with complications (polycarpous pregnancy, a large fruit, weak patrimonial activity, manual department of an afterbirth, hypotonic bleeding), then in a puerperal period you need reception of Oxytocin which will improve reductions of a uterus as the specified pathologies of childbirth promote emergence of a gematometra.

Pay attention that lochias should not be too plentiful or at all disappear in several days after the delivery. Both in the first and in the second case you have to see a doctor immediately.

Even if will make you the diagnosis of a gematometr – you should not despair, this state is curable. Puerperal cleaning of which all so are afraid at a gematometra is not always necessary. As it was already told, treat her most often spasmolysants.  And only in case the inflammation "joined" a gimetometra, appoint also antibiotics.

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