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Alkalosis (alkalosis, alcalosis; late lat. alkali, alcali – alkali, from арабск. al-qali – vegetable ashes + - оз – Greek slovoobraz. a suffix - Usis diseases of noninflammatory character) – one of forms of disturbance of acid-base equilibrium in an organism which is characterized by shift of a ratio between cations of the bases and anions of acids of blood towards increase in cations.


  • Alkalosis secretory (alkalosis excretoria) – developing because of a delay of alkaline cations or loss by an organism of a significant amount of anions of acids. The disease develops at intestinal impassability, a pylorostenosis and other states which are followed by pernicious vomiting, and also in cases of disturbance of removal sodium kidneys;
  • Alkalosis gas (alkalosis gasea; synonyms: the alkalosis is respiratory, an alkalosis respiratory) – arising because of excessive removal of carbonic acid from an organism. The disease can develop at brain tumors, fever, surgical interventions, hysteria and other states which are followed by an artificial or natural hyperventilation of lungs;
  • Alkalosis compensated (alkalosis compensata) – the blood pH which is characterized by lack of essential shifts (remains within 7,35-7,45);
  • Alkalosis metabolic (alkalosis metabolica; synonym: an alkalosis exchange) – a form of the not gas alkalosis arising because of disbolism and accumulation of metabolites with alkaline properties in an organism;
  • Alkalosis not gas – the general name of an alkalosis which is not connected with excessive removal of carbonic acid from an organism (secretory, metabolic, etc.);
  • Alkalosis noncompensated (alkalosis incompensata; synonym: an alkalosis dekompensirovanny) – the blood pH which is characterized by shift in the alkaline party (more than 7,45);
  • Alkalosis exogenous (alkalosis exogena) – not gas alkalosis developing because of receipt in an organism of significant amounts of alkaline substances with food at poisonings or in the form of medicines.
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