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Amyotrophy is hereditary neural

Amyotrophy hereditary neural (amyotrophia hereditaria neuralis; synonyms: Sharko-Mari-Tuta-Goffmanna disease, Sharko-Mari-Tuta disease, Sharko-Mari amyotrophy, atrophy muscular peroneal type, Sharko-Mari muscular atrophy; J. Charcot m, French neuropathologist, 1825-1893; P. Marie, French neuropathologist, 1853-1940; N of N. of Tooth, English neuropathologist, 1856-1925; J. Hoffmann, the German neuropathologist, 1857-1919) – the hereditary amyotrophy (disturbances of a trophicity of muscles, which are followed by thinning of muscle fibers and decrease in their sokratitelny ability) which is characterized by amyotrophy of shins and feet and flaccid paralyzes with the subsequent distribution on distal departments of upper extremities, disturbances of sensitivity on peripheral type and trophic frustration. Most often the disease is inherited on autosomal dominantly type, is more rare – on the recessive, linked to a floor, and autosomal recessively type.

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