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Anaphylaxis (anaphylaxia; Greek ana-(prefix) – returnable action, action strengthening, the movement up + Greek phylaxis – protection) – allergic reaction of immediate type which is observed at parenteral administration of allergen.


  • Anaphylaxis active (anaphylaxia activa) – the allergic reaction arising at antibody formation in an organism;
  • Anaphylaxis skin (anaphylaxia cutanea) – the local reaction arising at intradermal administration of allergen in passively (a passive anaphylaxis skin) or it is active (an active anaphylaxis skin) a sensibilized organism;
  • Anaphylaxis local (anaphylaxia localis) – allergic reaction in fabrics or bodies into which allergic antibodies or allergen are entered;
  • Anaphylaxis passive (anaphylaxia passiva) – the allergic reaction arising after introduction to an organism of allergic antibodies from actively sensibilized donor;
  • Anaphylaxis passive return (anaphylaxia passiva reversa) – an anaphylaxis passive, developing because of introduction of allergic antibodies after administration of allergen;
  • Anaphylaxis passive direct (anaphylaxia passiva directa) – an anaphylaxis passive, developing because of administration of allergen after introduction of allergic antibodies.
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