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Reticulosarcoma (gistoblastny malignant lymphoma, malignant gistotsitarny lymphoma, retikulokletochny sarcoma, reticulocytoma, reticulosarcoma) - the malignant tumor developing from cells of a gistotsitarny row.

Reticulosarcoma symptoms:

The clinical picture of a reticulum cell sarcomatosis is extremely various, depends on degree of prevalence of process and localization. Primary center of a tumor most often is found in lymph nodes, but can be in a nasopharynx, almonds, digestive tract, bones, skin and other bodies. Lymph nodes at the beginning of a disease are dense, painless, are not soldered to skin of N the subject fabrics. Eventually they form conglomerates, skin over them gains cyanotic-crimson color, occasionally ulcerates. Further the tumor sprouts the subject fabrics, vessels and nerves, leading to disturbance of blood circulation and a lymph drainage. Damage of lymph nodes of a mediastinum causes a prelum of a gullet and trachea, intrathoracic vessels - a compression syndrome, an abdominal cavity - stagnation in portal system and disturbance of a lymph drainage from the lower half of a body, ascites, in intestines - the impassability phenomena, defeat of portal fissures - jaundice. The isolated damages of a liver and spleen which reach the big sizes are very rare, are sharply painful and hilly.

The reticulosarcoma of a nasopharynx has an appearance of a hilly tumor, light pink color, quickly grows, sprouting a trellised labyrinth and a Highmore's bosom, causes an exophthalmos.

The gastrointestinal tract disease proceeds as at cancer and is defined, as a rule, on the operating table. The reticulosarcoma of skin is presented in the form of a tumoral node in the thickness of skin, painless and dense at a palpation, sometimes skin over it becomes cyanotic-crimson color, often ulcerates. Generalization of a reticulosarcoma goes quickly way of lympho-and hematogenous innidiation.

Reticulosarcoma reasons:

The etiology of a disease is not studied. It is considered that a source of development of a reticulosarcoma are reticular macrophages though in recent years by means of immunological methods it is established that the vast majority of reticulosarcomas are lymphosarcomas.

Now the reticulosarcoma is diagnosed extremely seldom therefore its reliable clinical symptoms are not described.

Treatment of the Reticulosarcoma:

The isolated reticulosarcoma is subject to radiation therapy, highly a radiochuvstvitelna. In the early period of a disease radiation therapy is effective and gives long (2 - 3 years) remissions. Radiation therapy at a reticulosarcoma of almonds is especially effective and nasopharynxes. At the isolated reticulosarcoma operational removal of the center with the subsequent radiation therapy which is carried out by the wide field or chemotherapy cytostatics is shown.

Radiation therapy is shown also at generalization of process for elimination of the threatened symptoms (a prelum of bodies of a mediastinum, a basin, etc.). The total exposure dose on the center makes 4000 - 5000 is glad. The best results at treatment are yielded by a combination of beam and chemotherapeutic influence. From chemotherapeutic means the most effective appeared Cyclophosphanum, сарколйзин, Bruneomycinum, рубомицин, Crasnitinum, and also cyclic treatment according to the scheme TsAMP and VAMP. Upon termination of beam and chemotherapy it is necessary to appoint the supporting chemotherapy (vinblastine, сарколйзин).

Forecast of a disease adverse. Average life expectancy makes 2 - 3 g.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Reticulosarcoma:

  • Препарат Хлорамбуцил.


    The alkylating means.

    SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals SRL (Balkans Pharmasyyutikals) Republic of Moldova

  • Препарат Циклофосфан.


    Cytostatic (antineoplastic) means.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

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