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What girl will be quicker called in marriage?

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Seldom what girl does not dream of a wedding, of a snow-white wedding dress and of the "prince" who won it heart. But that dreams became a reality, in the beginning it is necessary to win the heart of the man. Not the fact that the one who to you is nice will be ready to go under a wreath on the first call. To manage to be pleasant is a work and it is necessary to make efforts to reach the desirable. Also it is a big incentive for self-improvement and work on itself.
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The first what draw the attention of the man to, is appearance. Beauty allows to become noticeable. However it is more important than natural attractiveness – an ukhozhennost when even the girl who is not possessing bright data attracts to herself men as a magnet. It is very important to watch himself, also ability to use cosmetics enters here. She has to emphasize only what is given by the nature and to hide shortcomings. With its help you should not draw the new person.
Сексуальная привлекательность
Sexual attractiveness
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Beautiful appearance is not only good figure, healthy skin and pretty features, this special internal charm which proceeds from depth of soul and is a part of human nature. Someone has it, someone does not have it. This special charm, or sexual attractiveness, very significant moment for development of the relations. It is called still magic, explaining a resistant and constant inclination to an object of the attention.
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Of course, beginning to build the relations, nobody looks in the medical record, but intuitively the man tries to choose the healthy woman in the wife. The instinct prompts to it that only this way he can receive healthy posterity. Therefore the girls very much trying to lose weight should not cross a side and to turn symmetry into excessive leanness. It suggests an idea of possible difficulties in the course of a child-bearing.
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There is one more important point which men very much appreciate – ability to be an interesting interlocutor. It only first can be enough beautiful appearance, but then if the woman and he cannot put two words together – with it it becomes boring and uninteresting. At the same time it is optional to be the bachelor or professor of some sciences, it is enough to have a broad outlook, to be widely-read and to be able to keep up the conversation. The main thing not to seem too smart!
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Men, even being romantics, never forget about a practical side of a question. There is always a wish to eat, so, in the wife it is necessary to take that which knows how to cook. The family at men is associated with the cozy pure house, tasty food ironed by shirts, etc. Therefore if the girl will manage to show that a household – her elements, then will upgrade for these the rating in the opinion of the beloved on several points at once.
Нужные качества
Necessary qualities
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At the choice of the companion of life its character is of great importance. Despite all talents – ability to prepare, external data, health – it is necessary to live not only with advantages of the person, but also with his shortcomings. Existence of such qualities as disinterestedness, decency, kindness, ability to empathize, love will fill family life with joy and happiness. One more quality valuable in the opinion of men – feminity!
Отсутствие вредных привычек
Lack of addictions
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Today the fashion for a healthy lifestyle was established. And though men dare to smoke and take alcohol, they categorically against wives in it imitated them. Therefore the girl without addictions will receive proposal rather, than that which wishes to drink and from which far off bears tobacco.
Стервозность уже не в моде
Bitchiness any more not in fashion
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Society imposes us a thought that men like bitches That modest, with good manners the girl, risks to carry out all life alone while impudent and unscrupulous persons lay themselves a way to women's happiness, without hesitating in methods. For some time can seem that success on the party of such young ladies, but will risk to live all life side by side with such wife not everyone.
Никакой грубости
Any roughness
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Force, roughness, rigidity, steel will – all these qualities are more inherent in men. In women they want to see softness, tenderness, complaisance, compliance and gentle disposition. If the bride shows existence of male lines and absence women's, then future spouse can become thoughtful and why to it one more man in the house.
Не корысти ради
Not self-interest for the sake of
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Gathering under a wreath, the girl is naturally anxious with on what there will live the young family. She is interested in a possibility of future spouse to provide it to all necessary. However, showing similar interest it is important to observe a measure. Excessive interest can suggest ideas that all business is exclusive in money. And who wants to play a role of the rich person? Men want that they were loved not self-interest for the sake of.
Ревнивым вход воспрещен!
Jealous the entrance is prohibited!
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If already at the beginning of the relations the woman shows jealousy, then, most likely, she will not see a long-awaited ring. Jealousy for men, as if a red rag for a bull. It is capable to destroy even the strongest relations. It is unlikely the man will want to live in the atmosphere of scandals, constant dismantling and emotional quarrels with tears and reproaches therefore, most likely, the jealous lady will not receive proposal.
Командиров нам не надо
Commanders are not necessary to us
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To the women liking to order difficult to marry the real man because in that case the commander's position will turn out busy. The man cannot be ordered, he can "help" to make decisions. The requests transferred by commander's tone turn into instructions, and it is the irritating factor. The man begins to go obstinate from the principle. To be more wisely the assistant to the commander!
Друзья, подружки
Friends, girlfriends
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Choosing the wife, the man gets accustomed to the woman's environment. There is nothing bad in having friends and girlfriends, but if business goes to a wedding, then the woman has to show that now the main person in her life is her beloved. If the girl on the first call throws everything and rushes to solve others problems, and so over and over again, then there can be a feeling that she not too values the relations.
Ох уж этот шоппинг!
Oh this shopping!
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At the list of the things irritating men there is a shopping. To them not on temper not only joint shopping, but also just excessive expenditure of money. The girls aimed at a marriage should show endurance and not to have "a ball", risking to pass for the squanderer. Having shown restraint and having proved as the economical and zealous hostess, it will show that future family budget in reliable hands.


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